Pre bonded hair extensions

pre bonded hair extensions Milton Keynes & Aylesbury

Why choose pre bonded hair extensions?

If you are looking for permanent hair extensions but don’t have time for regular maintenance then pre-bonded extensions are a great choice as they can last up to four months without the need for follow up appointments.

Because the extensions are inserted individually, pre bonded hair extensions are also particularly good for adding volume to fine hair or for adding a splash of colour to your natural hair.

Pre bonded hair extensions Milton Keynes & Aylesbury

Will pre bonded extensions damage my hair?

Pre bonded hair extensions are completely safe for your hair as long as you have them fitted and removed by a professional.

The Beauty Works pre bonded extensions that we use have a keratin tip and it is this natural keratin that is fused to your own hair for a secure, long lasting hold.

To remove the extensions we apply a solution to the keratin tips which gently loosens the bond, allowing them to be removed without causing any damage to your natural hair

Pre bonded hair extensions Milton Keynes & Aylesbury

Only the best extensions for you.

We use Celebrity Choice pre bonded hair extensions from Beauty Works which are all made from AAAA grade, real Remy human hair. Remy hair is considered to be the best quality hair because all the hair cuticles are kept intact and lined up in the same direction.

Beauty Works hair extensions come in a massive range of colours and at your consultation we will colour match them to your hair so that they blend beautifully and look completely natural.

Beauty Works hair extensions help and advice

Pop in for a chat

At your free consultation our hair extensions expert will discuss with you the look you want to achieve, share her own ideas with you and colour match the extensions to your natural hair.

She will then be able to give you a detailed quote for the cost of achieving your great new look. Rest assured, everything will be clearly costed and tailored to you, but if you would like to see our guide prices, click here.

For more information or to book your free, personal consultation call;

01908 614 642 Hair extensions Milton Keynes

(Pre bonded hair extensions are not currently available at our Aylesbury Salon)

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