Reasons to change hair colour

7 great reasons to change hair colour

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Our hair is the accessory we wear the most of all. It is with us night and day and it can say a lot about us. But you don’t have to stick with the colour you were given and there are plenty of reasons to change hair colour.

Take it from us – mixing it up with your hair colour will not just change the way you look but the way you feel about yourself too. Here are seven great reasons you might want to change.


It gives you confidence.

Our hair colour is fundamental to our self-confidence and the way we want people to think about us. Even a subtle change in shade can make all the difference between a drab looking skin tone and a glowing complexion. If you change hair colour it can also give you a more youthful look and that’s always a confidence booster!

You want to be taken more seriously.

Going for that big job interview? If you want to be taken seriously as a big shot executive, especially if you’re young, that mermaid hair just isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes you have to conform, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be boring.

You can still colour your hair – you might just need to tone it down a little. Why not ask you stylist to build in some mult-dimensional highlight of a few different hues?


Your parents told you not to.

No matter how old we are, there’s always a little bit of us that wants to push against our parents and their generation. If your mum or dad says not to dye your hair, quite often it’s just the incentive we need!

You’re making a statement.

If you’re a bit nervous about colouring your hair, we usually recommend that for the first time you stay within a couple of shades of your natural hair colour.

However, if bold and brave is what you are about, a vibrant shade can be a fabulous and strong statement about who you are.

Reasons to colour hair


To make a break with the past

One of the most common reasons our clients change hair colour is because they’re looking for a fresh start.

Maybe a relationship has broken down or you’re recovering from an illness. Whatever the reason, dying your hair can help you break from the past and look to the future in a new and positive way.

Because you just love the latest trend.

Fashions come and go with hair colour just the way they do with clothes or interiors.

So if you’re yearning for the latest trend – whether its tangerine orange, caramel blonde or deep mahogany brown- we certainly won’t get in your way. In fact we would just love to help!

What do these hair colours mean


To cover the grey

There’s no getting away from it, probably the most common reason our clients dye their hair is to cover the grey. Well there’s certainly no shame in that!

This could be the first time you take the plunge, but there’s no reason why you simply have to recreate your natural colour. Use the opportunity to be a bit more adventurous. How about some mult-dimensional highlights or a subtle ombré effect instead?

There are lots of reasons to change hair colour, but whatever yours is, rest assured we will find the perfect shade for you. Why not book in for a free colour consultation and take the first step towards a fabulous new hair colour!

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