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How to create beautiful beach waves

Cara Delevingne's beachy waves on the Topshop Unique runway


Even if you’re not heading to the beach quite yet, there’s nothing to stop you getting in to the spirit of summer by creating beautiful beachy waves for your hair. This is a fabulous, casual style that can be achieved whether your hair is naturally wavy or straight.


If you have wavy hair
After the shower, towel dry your hair and spritz with KMS Seasalt Spray. Then, using a defuser, scrunch dry and finish the look with a serum like KMS Shine & Shield. This creates a perfect shine with the added bonus of protecting colour treated hair from the sun.


beach waves compressed



If you have straight hair
Towel dry your hair and apply KMS Hot flex crème for heat protection. Rough dry your hair or leave it to dry naturally. When dry, take thick sections of hair – about 2 inches – and curl using your Ghds. When you have curled all the sections run your fingers gently through the hair to create gentle waves.

Check out this Ghd video for more help creating the look.


Take inspiration from the celebrities
Tousled, beachy waves are always a favourite with the celebrities, whether they are just relaxing or looking to create a casual effect on the red carpet. And don’t think the style is exclusively for long hair. As you can see, mid length and even short hair can also be transformed into this fabulous summer style.


Celebrities with mid length and short hair styled into beachy waves

Diane Kruger, Kiera Knightly and Sienna Miller show how this style can
look fabulous on mid length and short hair.

long hair celebs with beachy waves

Gigi Hadid and Alison Williams style their beachy waves with a centre parting whilst
Amber Heard opts to sweep her tousled waves to one side.