Emma Stone red hair


Which red hair colour is right for you?

Emma Stone red hair

Think of red heads and a great ball of ginger frizz might be what comes to mind. But think again. Beloved of Hollywood sirens, red hair is often seen on the red carpet and for very good reason. Treated right it can be the most eye catching, attention grabbing and super sexy of all hair colours.

Choosing the best red hair colour for you.

If you’re not a natural red head, it doesn’t mean this gorgeous palette is out of you reach. However, you do need to make sure you select the best red hair colour for your skin tone. As a general rule, cool skin tones suit orangey and coppery reds. On the other hand warm skin tones are more suited to darker shades like auburn and mahogany.

So whether it’s tangy tangerine or rich mahogany that takes your fancy, take your lead from the celebrities who are loving their red hair this season.


The most vivid of all the shades, tangerine is flamboyant and vibrant and not for the coy or faint hearted. This is the best red hair colour if you have a pale white or ivory skin tone. It’s a burst of colour that is guaranteed to get you noticed.

Tangerine collage


Perhaps the most classic shade of red, copper can range from bright and rusty to deep and coppery. Pale, ivory and creamy skin tones suit these shades really well.



Auburn is a rich and warm shade of dark red which always looks vibrant and striking. It can look great with warmer, more yellowy skin tones and comes in a range of hues. If you have mousey hair you can add auburn lowlights to give depth and really spice up your tresses.


Rich mahogany is a great shade if you’re a brunette who fancies trying red hair for the first time. Again it suits warmer skin tones. It adds a beautiful depth and warmth to the hair without changing the colour too drastically.


If you love reds but are still unsure which is the best red hair colour for your, then we’re here to help. Why not make an appointment with your stylist to chat over your options?

At Lifestyle we offer a free, 15 minute colour consultation so you can plan your new colour together. Bring along some photos of colours you like, and anything you really don’t like to. However, do be prepared to listen to your stylist’s advice when it comes to selecting the right shade. She will be able to help you choose the perfect one, depending on your skin tone and current hair colour.

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