Thinning hair – are you struggling?

<![CDATA[Thinning hair – are you struggling? Thinning hair doesn’t have to mean an end to great looking hair. It’s just important that you know how to style and care for it to make the most of the hair you have. Although thinning hair doesn’t affect every...

Get the look – the tousled bob

<![CDATA[ Actress and model Kate Bosworth is just the latest in a long line of celebrities we’ve seen lop off their long locks in favour of the bob. And we love Kate’s tousled, wavy take on the trend of the moment. Here’s a quick “how to” if you would like to...

Which is the best blonde for you?

<![CDATA[Which is the best blonde for you? It’s estimated that about a quarter of women in the UK have blonde hair of one shade or another. Yet only 2% of the population are naturally blonde, so it stands to reason that most blondes are getting a helping hand in...

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