Hair trends in 2016

<![CDATA[Hair trends in 2016 The big hair trends in 2016 – so what are they likely to be? Well at this time of year there’s nothing we like more than to get out our crystal ball and see if we can predict where hair trends are going in the year ahead. Just like with...

5 essential winter hair care tips

<![CDATA[5 essential winter hair care tips Follow our five essential tips to ensure that your hair stays strong and healthy throughout the winter months. We often think of summer as the most damaging season for our hair with chlorine, sea salt and the heat of the...

Hair extensions – all you need to know

<![CDATA[[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Hair extensions explained – all you need to know Hair extensions are amazing! They can transform your hair from short and wispy into a truly magnificent mane in just a few hours Hair extensions can take your hair to new...

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