See how easily you can add variety to short hair

Good-styles-for-short-straight-hairJust because you have short hair, it doesn’t mean you are restricted to the same style every single day.

One of the things we really believe in doing with our clients at Lifestyle is showing them ways of “dual-styling.” That’s to say, showing you how to have at least two looks from the same hair cut – perhaps one for daytime and one for the evening. You’d be amazed just how easy it is to add variety to short hair.
Adding volume..
As with all hair, there is a golden rule to help you achieve volume in short hair, and that is to dry the roots the opposite way to gravity. You probably know that the best way to get volume when drying your hair is to turn your head up-side-down . But did you know this is only good for the back? If you want real volume in the sides you need to tip your head over to one side and dry your hair away from one ear over towards the other – opposite to how gravity will make the hair fall when dry!
Add volume to your bob like Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has added lots of volume to her long bob

Another great technique is “chasing” the hair. Simply watch the hair being blown away from your dryer and as it is blown flat one way, change direction with the dryer and “chase” it back the other; never let is settle in one position.
Finger Drying…
If you want to make short hair look unfussy and natural, don’t use a brush! Instead, just use your fingers to either power-dry your hair for smoother styles or bend it around your fingers for more volume.
This next technique is great for a bed-head look. With your dryer on a slow speed, rub your hair in little circles at the root. Assuming you don”t have hair that knots easily, this will give amazing texture that, at first, is a bit messy but can be finished with a wax or a putty to achieve the just out  of bed effect.
Dianna Agron bed head short hairstyle

Dianna Agron’s bed head look is simple and refreshing

Finishing Short Hair…
Once you have created the basic shape of your style, then you have a variety of weapons at your disposal. Tongs will give you soft yet long-lasting curls/flicks. Straightening irons will give you straight shiny movement. A hot-brush can give you an exciting boost to a particular area such as the crown and a combination of the above can give you a really dramatic look.
 Gentle flicked back curls give a classy look to Miley Cyrus's bob

Here Miley has added gentle flicked back curls for a a classy evening look

Hair products are your best friend when you want to create different styles for your short hair. It can be a bit bewildering though as there are literally hundreds to choose from so finding the right one can be a bit of trial and error. However, here are three of our favourites:
Paul Mitchell firm style dry wax – great for giving texture and definition.
KMS playable texture – use to enhance layers and to rework a style any time you like.
Moroccan Oil Light – adds shine to your styled hair.
We would suggest chatting to your stylist to find out what product will achieve the best result for you. You can also mix products together to help you achieve different looks and save you time by helping you manage your hair.
Hair Accessories…
Hair accessories are right on trend at the moment and are another great way to spice up short hair.
And whether its a chic band, a glamorous bow, spring flowers or sparkling jewels you’ll be proving there’s no end to the variety when you have short hair!
Read more about hair accessories here.


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