Do You Know Your Face Shape?


Here a Lifestyle HQ we’ve been planning a new series of posts on the best hairstyles for each different face shape. But before we bring you those, we wondered, do you actually know your face shape?

If you’re planning a restyle it’s very useful to know your face shape. You can look on google and pinterest for celebrities with the same shaped face as you and see whether you like the styles they are wearing.
Let’s take a look at each face shape in turn and see what the characteristics are. Plus some of the celebrities that have that particular shaped face too.

know your face shapeSquare Face Shape

If your face is square, its sides will be straight and your face will be almost equal in width and length. The jawline on a square face is only slightly angled and any curve is minimal.

Oval Face Shape

Ladies with an oval face are often considered the luckiest as virtually all hairstyles will suit them. An oval face is a bit like the shape of an upside down egg with forehead that is only slightly wider than its chin.
An oval face is similar to an oblong face but has a softer shape to the chin and a little more curve down the sides of the face.


Oblong Face Shape

An oblong, or long, face has similarities to the oval and the square face. The main difference is that the face is longer and not so wide. Your jawline, cheeks and forehead will all be the same width and your chin will only have a minimal curve to it.

celebrities-with-long or oblong-face-shape

Round Face

People worry that a round face means ‘chubby cheeks’ but that isn’t necessarily the case. A round face is actually very similar to a square face but with much softer angles. Your cheek bones will be the widest part of your face and your chin will be soft and rounded.


Diamond Face Shape

The diamond is the rarest of all the face shapes. It is at its broadest at the cheekbones with a narrow forehead and jaw. If you were to draw lines from centre of your hairline down to your cheek bones and then on down to your chin it would form a diamond shape.


Heart Face Shape

A heart shaped face is similar to a diamond. The main difference is that those with a heart shape have a wider hairline. Your face will also have a long and pointed jaw line. A heart shaped face looks a bit like a triangle standing on its point.


It may seem like some of these face shapes look very similar. But don’t worry if you’re still a bit confused. We’re always on hand to help. Your stylist is of course always happy to help you select a style that is going to look great with your individual face shape.


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