Fine hair – salon secrets you need to know.

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Whatever your natural hair type, here at Lifestyle we’re committed to helping you make the most of the hair you have. Here are our tips to help you if you’re struggling with fine hair.

Fine or thin?
Fine hair is often confused with thin hair but in fact it’s possible to have a lot of fine hair. What makes hair fine is the diameter of each strand, which is smaller than the average. Fine hair is often super soft with a lovely texture, but on the down side it can break easily and has a tendency to fall flat
Start with the right hair cut…
It may sound obvious, but whether your hair is thick or fine a great cut is the foundation of fabulous looking hair. There are loads of styles that suit fine hair – you just need to know the best options for you.
As a general rule of thumb, shorter styles give more volume to fine hair. However, if you prefer a mid length or longer style consider styling with loose curls to add body and bounce. Your stylist will always be happy to recommend the styles that she feels will suit you best.
Jessica Biel sideswept hair
Here Jessica Biel doubles the volume by wearing her hair swept over one shoulder.
If you have fine hair you’re best to avoid creamy shampoos as these can be heavy and weigh the hair down. Choose a shampoo specially formulated to give added volume which they do by roughening the outside layer of the hair. Also, try not to wash fine hair every day as this can make it feel limp. However, if you do need to wash daily, only shampoo once and make sure you’re using a gentle daily shampoo like Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body shampoo.
Conditioners work by healing the hair on the inside and leaving a film on the surface to help you comb it through. It is this film that can weigh your hair down, especially if you have slightly oily roots. To avoid this, only use the conditioner where it’s needed i.e. on the mid-lengths and ends. Always use a light-weight conditioner and there are some that you can even spray and leave in like KMS Body Build Detangler.
If you have oily roots then try turning the water to a cooler setting on the final rinse. This encourages the scalp to produce fewer oils.
chestnut brown
A volumising mousse is a must for fine hair, but the most important thing to remember is that all volume and direction comes from the roots. Therefore you need to make sure you get your styling product in right at the roots not just the mid-lengths and ends. Then blow dry by pulling your hair straight upwards, using your brush to add in extra volume.
There are some really good products available that double up as finishing aids, as well as keeping volume in. Again the trick is to make sure they go into the root area and you need to avoid anything that is heavy. As a rule, oils should be avoided on fine hair as they will make the hair lank and remove any natural volume. The exception is Moroccan Oil Light which we love!
Did you know you can use colour and hair extensions to add extra volume and thickness to fine hair?
Kate Hudson fine hair
Hair extensions aren’t just for giving additional length – they’re also a great way of adding extra volume in key areas of your hair. Coupled with a fabulous cut they can make fine hair look thick and lustrous and can work really well even in short styles.
A single, uniform colour can make your hair look flat and drab, so a great way to create the illusion of thicker hair is to add highlights or lowlights. The darker shades of lowlights add shadows and so create a multi-dimensional look, whilst highlights will have the same effect by attracting attention to the surface of the hair, making it shimmer and shine.

So just because your hair is fine, it doesn’t have to mean you can’t achieve so fabulous looks. For more inspiration, try these posts:

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