Lifestyle Salons platinum blonde hair colour trend Here at Lifestyle we’re passionate about creating beautiful hair colour for our clients, so we’ve been looking ahead to see what are going to be the big trends in hair colour in 2015.

Platinum Blonde
Platinum blondes look set to make a comeback in 2015 and you only have to look at the autumn/winter catwalk shows to see where this influence has come from. There were Ice Queens a plenty on the Max Mara, Versace and Emilio Pucci runways. platinum blonde hair colour trend Lifestyle Salons Being Snow White has always been pretty high maintenance, with visits back to the salon every couple of weeks a necessity to touch up the roots. However, this year we’re also seeing a more relaxed approach, with darker roots being embraced as a nod to a more natural look.
However, if  platinum blonde is a step too far for you, then a great alternative is buttery blonde.

Lifestyle Salons 2015 colour trends buttery blonde

Kate Bosworth’s buttery blonde hue is a little easier to pull off than platinum blonde

Rainbow Hair
Over the past few months we’ve seen loads of celebrities add a touch of colour to their locks in literally all colours of the rainbow.Lifestyle Salons Milton Keynes & Aylesbury, rainbow hair colour trend 2015 Rita Ora recently showed off her cute, pastel pink bob and we’ve already recreated something similar for a number of our clients, including the gorgeous Harriet. Rainbow hair colour trend 2015 Lifestyle Salons Milton Keynes & Aylesbury Rainbow hair is a really fun trend, and before you dismiss it as something just for the ‘kids,’ remember Helen Mirren’s pink hair a couple of years back? You’re never too old to rock this trend!
We’ve talked about this colour trend quite a bit in 2014, but it’s worth mentioning again as it looks like it’s staying firmly put as we move in to 2015. Just as a reminder, ombré means shadowed in French and sombré is the softer, more subtle version. And the big advantage it has over ombré is that it looks great on blonde hair as well as on brunettes. Sombré hair colour trend Lifestyle Salons Milton Keynes & Aylesbury Sombré colour progresses in the gentlest of graduations from roots to ends, and although the change in tone from top to bottom may be small it adds beautiful depth and tone to the hair. Read more about the sombré trend in our post Move over ombré, sombré hair is here
Strawberry Blonde
If you can’t make up your mind between red and blonde this season, strawberry blonde could be the answer. This gorgeous shade was to be seen on the catwalks and looks particularly stunning with bright red lips.
Strawberry blonde hair trend

Strawberry blonde hair on the Trussadi catwalk



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