Hair trends in 2016

Wavy bob hair trend 2016

The big hair trends in 2016 – so what are they likely to be? Well at this time of year there’s nothing we like more than to get out our crystal ball and see if we can predict where hair trends are going in the year ahead.

Just like with fashion, hair trends come and go, but you’ll have noticed that there are certain trends that stay around for a long, long time.
We’re likely to see the emergence of one or two brand new hair trends in 2016; we’ll most probably fall out of love with some others and there’ll be a couple that stay just as popular as ever before. But are there any that you’ll be trying?
It’s time to say goodbye to…
Dip dye and ombre with their clear definition between colours are giving way in 2016 to hair colours that are much more subtle in their shading.
Dip dye hair

Obviously dipped ends will make way for more subtle blends of colour.

Sombre hair and babylights hairSubtle ombre and babylights could see the end of ombre in 2016.

We’ll keep on loving…
Shorter hair dominated 2015 and looks just as likely to hold on to the top spot in terms of hair trends in 2016.
The bob is a truly timeless classic and with so many styling variations it’s little wonder it looks set to stick around.
Adele bob

The end of 2015 saw Adele debut her new bob.

Also in December 2015 the Duchess of Cambridge lost several inches from her glossy locks too, reportedly because her trademark long hair was making too many demands on the time of this busy royal and mum of two!
Duchess of cornwall long bob hairstyle

Kate’s new lob – a clear sign that trends are set remain shorter.

The other trend from 2015 that we’re so glad is staying around is bronde – a fabulous fusion of brunette and blonde. Bronde is a great hair colour because it suits almost any skin tone and is pretty low maintenance too. Read more about Bronde – the hot new hair trend here.


Bronde hair collectionBronde looks set to stay well in to 2016.

We’re looking forward to...
….an abundance of natural texture in 2016.
And what better way to show it off than with a wob (wavy bob)? The wob started to make it’s presence felt in the second half of 2015, and we’re expecting to see a lot more of this cute take on texture in the coming months.
wavy bob collage
Expect to also see this trend for texture in the form of ‘waves from braids’ too. Such an easy and effortless look to achieve and we think you’ll be embracing it.
waves from braids hair trends 2016

Such an easy and effortless look.

And, we’re predicting that braids themselves won’t disappear but there’ll be a definite move away from the messy braid to something much neater.

braids collageBoho and messy braids are set to be replaced by tighter, more defined versions.

Finally, we anticipate that ‘Ronze’ will join ‘Bronde’ not just in silly names for hair colours but as a key hair trend in 2016! Despite the daft name, ronze is a muliti tonal combination of copper red and bronze brown that flatters all skin tones and we love it!

Ronze hair colour

If you’ve seen a style you fancy trying out, or are wondering how one of these trends can be adapted to suit you, have a chat with your stylist next time you’re in. They’ll be delighted to share their expertise with you.



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