The Best Hairstyles for an Oval Face

Christina Augilera has hairstyles for an oval face

Women often choose their hairstyle to give the illusion of an oval face as it is considered to be among the most flattering. So if your face is naturally oval, congratulations. You can wear pretty much whatever style you like and it will look fabulous.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite hairstyles for an oval face.

Short Hair

If you want a short style, the classic bob is a great style for an oval face. Add in an off-centre parting like Kiera Knightly and you’ll be framing your oval face perfectly.
Kiera Knightly oval face shape
You’re also lucky enough to be able to pull off a really short cut too, like Charlize Theron.

Medium Hair

Layers look great with an oval face and they can be used to highlight the part of your face you want to make a feature. Depending on where the layers are placed they can accentuate your cheekbones, your lips or your chin.
Jennifer Aniston’s long layers hit at her cheekbones and her chin and frame her face beautifully.
Hairstyles for an oval face - Jennifer Aniston's layers

If you have an oval face, avoid your hair lying too flat against your face which can exaggerate its length. Some variation in layers and of course a bouncy blow dry are a great way to stop this from happening.
Eva Mendes hairstyle suits her oval face shape

Long Hair

If you have long hair you’re in luck when it comes to hairstyles for an oval face – there are plenty to choose from.
Poppy Delevingne’s long centre fringe and beachy waves give volume and shape to her oval face, especially around the cheekbones.
Poppy Delevingne beachy waves suit her oval face shape

As with medium length hairstyles, you want to avoid elongating the shape of your oval face too much. So if you do want to go smooth and sleek, add some volume in the top of your hair like Beyoncé Knowles.
Beyonce's hairstyle suits her oval face

So you lucky oval faced ladies really do have the pick of the bunch when it comes to hairstyles. And of course, your Lifestyle stylist is always available to give advice and inspiration.

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