beyonce centre parted sleek low pony
A key look for the spring and summer evenings will be to wear you ponytail parted in the centre and swept back. As usual, Beyonce pulls it off with effortless style.

sideparted low ponytail

If you’re after a sleek ponytail as a daytime look, then side part the hair and wear the ponytail swept over one shoulder. This really is elegant simplicity at its best.

low pony tail messy

Or perhaps you prefer something a little more casual. Then try the messy, low ponytail. Gather your hair at the nape of the neck and then tuck behind the ears for an effortless, bed-hair look.

textured low ponytail

Finally, if you have waves – natural or otherwise – the textured ponytail oozes casual sophistication. Secure it either with an elastic, or wrapp with a few strands of hair and you’ll have a fabulous feminine, textured look.]]>


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