Nine tips to prevent oily hair and scalp

How to prevent oily hairDo you have to wash your hair every day, just to keep the oil at bay? Does it loose it’s volume and look dull and lifeless in no time at all? Let’s face it, oily hair can be a curse and can really knock your self esteem. You feel like you’re on a constant treadmill of washing and styling your hair but with very little to show for your efforts.

So how do you break this cycle and restore some much needed balance to your hair and scalp? Well first you need to understand what is causing this problem of oily hair.
Why do some of us get oily hair and scalp?
The problem of oily hair is caused by an over production of sebum – the scalp’s natural oil. For most of us, if we’re producing normal amounts, sebum simply serves to hydrate the hair and helps to keep it healthy. But for those producing too much of the oil it can become a real problem.
Sometimes this excessive production is just a temporary state of affairs, caused by changes in the body’s hormones during puberty or pregnancy for example. But for some it’s a permanent part of who you are and for others it’s caused by bad hair care or using the wrong products.
Whatever the reason, try these tips to you help regain control…
1. Don’t over wash your hair
No it’s not an old wives tail – washing your hair too often really does make oily hair worse rather than better.
Every time you wash your hair you are stripping it of all the natural sebum, so your scalp responds by replacing it, but in excess. So you wash hair again the next day and before you know it you’re trapped in a vicious circle.
To break the cycle you’ve got to bite the bullet and start reducing the shampooing. Now we know that this is going to be tough so do it gradually. Choose one day a week when you don’t wash your hair – maybe at the weekend when you know you’re not going out, and slowly over time build it up to two or three days a week. It’s going to take a couple of months, but be patient because it really will be worth it.
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2. Choose the right shampoo
Very often if you have oily hair you will be recommended to use a clarifying shampoo to remove the oil. But this is exactly the wrong thing to do. Instead you should be using a hydrating shampoo like KMS California’s Moisture Repair to replenish moisture and restore the hair’s natural balance.
3. Don’t skip on the conditioner
Just because you have oily hair and scalp, it doesn’t mean you should throw out the conditioner. It’s still important for keeping the ends of your hair moisturised and healthy. Just remember the rule – mid length and ends only, and nowhere near the scalp.
4. Rinse, rinse, then rinse again
Always make sure you are rinsing your hair well – until the water is running crystal clear. Sometimes greasy looking hair is actually shampoo and conditioner that hasn’t been rinsed out properly.
5. Rinse with cool water
Hot water can stimulate the sebaceous glands which produce the sebum whereas cool water helps to shut them down. And as an added bonus, cold water closes the cuticles on the hair which makes it less prone to damage.
6. Make dry shampoo your best friend
On those days when you don’t wash your hair, try using a dry shampoo which really are great. We recommend KMS California’s Hair Play makeover spray which absorbs oil and builds up bulk and will restore volume to limp, oily hair.
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7. Don’t touch or brush your hair too much
If you are suffering with greasy hair, keep your hands off. The more you touch, brush or play with your hair the more oil is likely to be produced and then dispersed along your locks.
8. Embrace your natural waves or curls
If you tend to get the straighteners out most days you could be making your hair appear greasier than it really is. Straight hair allows the oils to move down the hair shaft more easily making it much more noticeable.
9. Choose your styling products carefully
Oily hair can often be limp so you will want to choose styling products that boost volume and keep away from any products that enhance shine by adding oils. Click here to read more about adding volume to your hair.

At Lifestyle we are committed to helping you make the most of the hair you have. Follow these tips and soon you’ll see your oily hair and scalp improve and your hair will begin to flourish.



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