7 reasons to cut your hair short

Cameron Diaz's style is a good reason to cut hair short

Short hair has definitely been centre stage over the last year or more. We’ve seen a stream of celebrities chopping their locks, but fashions come and go, so are there any other reasons to cut your hair short? Well yes, in fact we think there are plenty.

1. Short hair saves so much time.
If you’re fed up with waiting hours for your hair to dry naturally or spend an age with hairdryer in hand, this could be all the convincing you need to cut your hair short. Not only does short hair take so much less time to wash, but drying and styling time is dramatically reduced too.
Here at the salon we often find new mums coming to us a few weeks after the birth of a little one, asking for their long hair to be cut short. Without a minute to themselves anymore, they realise what a massive time saver it could be!
2. Every bit as versatile.
Just because you have cut you hair short it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same style day in and day out. Many short haircuts have several different styling options, from smooth and sleek to spiked up or wispy. Take a look at our article for ideas on how to add variety to short hair. And don’t forget, your Lifestyle stylist will be happy to show you styling options for your new cut.

versatile short hairShort hair can be styled in so many different ways.

3. Great for an active lifestyle.
If you’re sporty, love swimming or spend loads of time in the gym, you’ll know that a short haircut is a godsend. No more ponytails swinging around or loose strands covering your eyes and sticking to your face. Plus, it keeps you much cooler too. Then, when you’re done you’ll be out of the gym in half the time, giving you more time to enjoy your evening.
4. It’s super chic and über professional.
There’s no doubt about it, short hair looks incredibly professional – you only have to think of American Vogue’s editor Anna Wintour with her timeless and classic bob. A chic, short haircut sends all the right messages out to an employer, indicating you are confident, dynamic and modern.

Anna Wintour never deviates from her stylish short style

5. An amazing tonic for a broken heart.
One of the most common times that women cut their hair short is after splitting up with a partner, when they want to make a break with the past. It’s a great way to revive your confidence and to mark a fresh start. We would advise you consider your decision for a few days to ensure there are no regrets, but if you still think it’s right for you then go for it!
6. Refresh and repair damaged hair.
It might sound a bit drastic, but if your long hair is in bad condition and you’re plagued with dry and split ends, there really is no better way to repair the damage than to cut  your hair short. What’s more, with a short style so much easier to look after than long hair, there’s much less risk of the damage returning.

Victoria Beckham inverted bobVictoria Beckham’s inverted bob became a classic.

7. You’ll see your confidence grow.
Don’t underestimate the liberating feeling and psychological benefits if you cut your hair short. Without your old curtain of long hair to hide behind you’ll find you become bolder and more confident. It can sound a little scary at first but don’t be put off – the rewards are there for the taking.

We know that a dramatic change from long to short hair can be pretty daunting, so if you’re still unsure, consider changing in a series of stages. Start at shoulder length and work your way shorter over time as you grow in confidence.

Have a good chat with your stylist who will be able to help you decide on the best style for your, but our guess is once you’ve taken the plunge you’ll never look back.

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