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Bronde – the hot new colour trend

Suki Waterhouse with bronde hair colour
It’s not blonde and it’s not brunette – it’s somewhere in between and we love it.

If there’s one thing the hairdressing world loves, its a strange new name. We’ve had the lob (long bob) and the hun (half bun). Now please welcome bronde – a subtle combination of blonde and brunette hair colour!

Bronde has leapt centre stage over the last few weeks and months, and with hoards of celebrities jumping aboard it’s set to be around for a quite a while. After all if it’s good enough for Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Beyonce, to name but a few, it’s definitely worth a look!

The great thing about bronde is that it suits most skin tones. If you have a pale complexion, then blonde can make you look washed out, whilst on a darker skin it can look too harsh. However, the natural tones you find at the bronde roots warm up the look and make it appear a whole lot softer.

The same can be true of darker shades – they can end up looking too heavy especially around your face. The great thing about bronde is that because it works around a natural base it stops the brunette element looking too severe.


Bronde hair collectionBronde is a bespoke colour and as such is best achieved in the salon. You need to ensure that the look is multi-tonal and that you have lots of your natural base colour shining through to avoid it looking blocky and one dimensional.

Your stylist will be able to work out the natural depth of your brunette or dark blonde and use this as a base to start from. If you’re starting with darker hair and skin tone, then golden hues will look gorgeous. If on the other hand you are paler, then ashy tones would be a great choice.

Another great advantage of bronde is that because you’re starting from your natural base it’s pretty low maintenance. So if you can’t get to the salon every few weeks or you’re new to hair colour, this trend is perfect for you.