Nicole Kidman celebrity red heads

Celebrity red heads we know you’ll love

Nicole Kidman red hair

We get serious hair envy when it comes to celebrity red heads, but there was a time when it was said that only those with the fairest of skin should go anywhere this vibrant hue. Luckily the celebrities were never going to be held back by such restrictions and neither should you.

In fact it is simply a matter of choosing the correct shade of red hair and if you get that right, virtually anyone can follow the red hair trend.

So we’ve found you some of our favourite celebrity red heads to give you inspiration.

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson’s mahogany bob is the perfect shade for her warm skin tone.


Christina Hendricks with vibrant russet hair

Whether it’s centre parted with gentle curls or side parted, sleek and smooth,
Christina Hendricks’ fiery russet hair always looks amazing.


Drew Barrymore and Debra Messing auburn hair

Celebrity red heads Drew Barrymore and Debra Messing both suit these rich auburn shades.
These hues are theperfect choice if you are a natural brunette wanting to spice things up a bit.


blake lively mermaid

Blake Lively always gives us hair envy, and this combination of mermaid
waves and rich burnt copper is no exception.


Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain really knows how to nail red hair and pulls it off
whether it’s long or short!

If you would like to enhance your own red, or go red for the very first time we would love to help. Give us a call and we’ll book you in for a free 15 minute colour consultation, where you can sit down with one of our stylists and find the perfect shade for you.

In the meantime, for more advice and inspiration, have a look at our post Which red hair colour is right for you.