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Lifeless, dull hair –
7 easy ways to restore the shine

How to banish dull hair and make it shine, Lifestyle Salons

From time to time we all suffer from lifeless, dull hair. So what causes this and how can we recapture the shine?

Shiny hair is hair that reflects the light and you might remember from your science lessons at school that smooth surfaces reflect light better than rough ones. So the key to having hair that shines bright like a diamond, is ensuring that the cuticles of the hair (the outer layer of the hair shaft) are smooth and flat. Here are seven easy ways to banish dull hair and bring back the shine for good.

1. Wash out shampoo and conditioner thoroughly
Probably the most common cause of dull hair is insufficient rinsing of shampoo and conditioner. When you think you’ve rinsed enough, rinse again, making sure the water is running clear before you stop.

2. Rinse in cold water
Warm water causes the hair cuticle to open up which is great for shampooing. But as we’ve already found out, the key to shiny hair is smooth cuticles, and for this they need to be closed.

Give your hair a final quick rinse with cold water to encourage the cuticles to close. This will make them smoother and flatter and better able to reflect the light.



3. Always use a conditioner
Conditioners help to smooth the hair cuticles so using it regularly will make your hair appear shiner. Conditioners also protect the hair and prevent it from losing too much moisture.

Dry, damaged hair will appear dull and lifeless so make sure you use a conditioner every time you wash your hair, and make sure it is specific to your hair type and needs.

4. Avoid build up of hair products
We all love our styling products, but over time these can build up in our hair, weighing it down and making it look lacklustre. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to deep cleanse your hair and help avoid this build up.



5. Detox and Nourish
Just as you might treat yourself to a facial from time to time, so be sure to book your hair in for some TLC too. Lifestyle’s Detox and Nourish treatment is a two part treatment that gives your hair a fresh start.

Part one of the treatment gently cleanses the hair of impurities and product build up before we select the best, deep moisturising product for your hair type. It’s just one of a number of in salon treatments we offer that are guaranteed to leave your hair feeling stronger and looking shinier.

6. Eat your way to shinier hair
If you’re not eating a healthy, balanced diet, its not just your skin that will suffer but your hair too. Make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to ensure your hair looks and feels amazing. Read our post Eat your way to healthier hair




7. Try glossing
Glossing is a great way to banish dull hair and restore its shine. It seals in colour and shine and is a bit like lip gloss for your hair! This one is best done in the and salon so speak to your Lifestyle stylist about it next time you’re in.

Yes, we know this report is called ‘Seven easy ways to restore the shine’ but here’s a bonus one…..

8. Keratin smoothing treatments
A keratin smoothing treatment will help to tame unruly, frizzy hair and restore its vibrancy and shine. It will soften waves and curls and smooth the overall hair structure Some, like the Kerasilk treatment we offer at Lifestyle can last up to five months

So if you’re struggling with dull hair, don’t despair. It’s not hard to repair the damage and by following our tips you soon could have the smooth, shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of.