Finding the best brunette for you
The best brunette hair shades for you

Brown or brunette hair can look fabulous with any skin tone. The key is to select the shade that’s right for you.

Brunette is beautiful

There’s certainly nothing boring about brunette  hair. After all there are so many shades to choose from. They range from sandy, caramel and honey, to mahogany, chestnut and coffee. And then with the added options offered by highlights and ombré the choice is almost endless. It’s little wonder then, that when autumn turns to winter many of us start to think about moving a shade or two darker. But how do you know which is going to be the best brunette for you?

As a general rule of thumb and for the best results it’s recommended that you stay within two shades of your natural hair colour. Having said that, this isn’t necessarily set in stone. So it’s a good idea discuss the options with your stylist.


Lilly Aldridge sombré hair colour

Matching your hair colour to your skin tone

A good place to start when thinking about a colour change is to consider your skin tone. Light or cool skin tones will generally suit sandy and golden browns. Medium skin tones look great with caramels and honey shades. And dark or olive skin are best with deeper, dark colours.

If your are a natural blonde or have a light skin tone you certainly won’t want to go too dark. Golden browns are perfect. But if you do want to go darker a mahogany shade will work well. This is because it has warm red hues which look gorgeous with cool skin tones.

These are some of the best brunette shades for light skin tones…

brunettes for light skin tones

Medium skin tones also suit mid brown hues, but you have a bit more scope. Think caramel and honey shades, as well as rich auburns…

brunettes for medium skin tonesFinally, if you’re blessed with a dark or olive skin tone, dark colours will be best and look the most natural. Unless you were born with it, don’t be tempted to go too light. Remember the rule about staying within two shades of your natural colour. These espresso and raven shades are perfect for dark skin tones

brunettes for dark skin tones

Remember, dark shades need plenty of shine to really set them off so consider going to the salon for a glossing between colours. Glossing is a bit like a top coat for your nails of a clear gloss for your lips. It accentuates the colour and adds shine.

Still feeling a bit daunted?

The whole process of selecting the ideal hair colour can sometimes feel a bit daunting. This is why we always recommend that you arrange a colour consultation with your stylist to make the most of their expertise.

If there are colours or effects you have seen that you really love, take some pictures along with you to your colour consultation. You could even create a little “mood board.” Blogs like this, and Pinterest are great for ideas and inspiration.

With your pictures at the ready, your stylist can quickly get a feel for the sort of look you are trying to achieve. But be prepared to be a little bit flexible.Listen to their advice and let them guide you in the right direction.


Mahogany brown hair at Lifestyle Salons

At Lifestyle colour is one of our great passions and every year we invest heavily in colour training for all our stylists. For the most experienced it provides inspiration and keeps them up-to-date with new techniques, whilst for the more recently qualified stylists we help them to achieve the “Colour Masters” degree, one of the highest qualifications in the industry.

So what are you waiting for? Why not add a little colour to your life!

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