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Getting the right hair colour is so important. That's why we...

• Train all our stylists to achieve the “Hair Colour Masters” degree – one of the highest colour qualifications in hairdressing.

• Have colour experts who will give you the best advice on anything you choose be it a simple root tint or a colourful creation!

• Also have experts in colour correction. So if you’ve had a hair disaster then you can trust us to put it right.

Reasons to change hair colour

The benefits of having colour...

Adding colour to your hair, be it subtle or bold,  is an amazing way to bring out the best in you hair cut by adding life, movement and different dimensions to any style in a way that makes you feel special.

So if you feel that a subtle addition of colour will brighten your day or even if you want something more adventurous to make a statement, then speak to your stylist who will listen to your exact requirements and create a bespoke colour just for you.

ombre hair colour

Helping you choose the right colour...

At Lifestyle we understand the importance of listening to you when recommending the perfect hair colour, and this is exactly what your stylist will be doing during the Colour Consultation. They will want to understand what you are looking to achieve so do bring along any pictures that might help.

They will also take in to account your personality and your lifestyle, as well as considering your skin tone and the current colour of your hair. Only then will they begin to make recommendations about the perfect hair colour for you.

Colour techniques explained

Choose from a wide range of colour techniques at Lifestyle salons in Milton Keynes and Aylesbury


Foils, or highlights as they’re often known, are where sections of hair are either highlighted (with a lighter shade) or low lighted (with a darker shade) and then wrapped in foil to develop.

Unlike many salons, at Lifestyle we will often combine several complimentary shades to give a multi dimensional effect, or to develop a bespoke hair colour especially for you.


These are very natural looking highlights, designed to mimic the sun kissed tones your hair may have had as a child. The majority of your hair retains its natural colour with just a few light and bright accents scattered throughout.


A tint, also known as permanent colour, is often used as one colour, or a blend of colours, to change your natural colour or to cover grey (it’s by far the best way to guarantee full coverage of grey hair).

If you have had a tint previously your stylist may just re-apply the tint to the re-growth. They will then either run it through the rest of the hair towards the end of the processing time, or use a semi permanent colour to refresh the previously coloured areas. This prevents too much colour building up on the hair.


A Gloss (also known as Semi-permanent Colour) is simply a colour that will fade slowly over time – usually after about 4 to 6 weeks – and gives your hair fabulous shine.

It’s great if you are still a little nervous about colour and would like a gentle introduction, but still with stunning results.


Ombré means ‘shaded’ in French and ombré hair graduates in shade from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends. The change in colour is quite distinct but not nearly so obvious as with dip dye.


Sombre is the name given to soft or subtle ombré and is just that. Like ombré hair it graduates from dark to light but in a more subtle way so the fading is very natural looking. Because of the very subtle graduation in colour, sombré works really well with blonde hair as well as brunette.


Balayage is another French term and means ‘sweep’ and is a bit of a fusion of baby lights and ombré. The colour is often hand painted on to the hair and because it creates a very soft, natural look, re-growth is less noticeable, making it a low maintenance option.

Dip Dye

Dip dye is a great technique if you’re looking to make a real statement as it creates a clear, edgy distinction between the top part of your hair and the rest. Dip dye looks great with bleached, pastel or bright ends.

Pre-lightening or bleaching

The thought of bleaching your hair can sound pretty scary but this is a process that is necessary if you’re looking for a big colour change. Pre-lightening effectively removes the existing colour from your hair so that new colour can be applied. The process is much kinder to hair than it used to be but you should always have it done at a reputable salon and it’s really not recommended to try it at home.

Colour correction

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for clients to come to us after a “colour disaster” either at home or at another salon. But don’t despair – our Colour Experts have the skills and experience to help.

Come in for a free Colour Consultation and we will be able to put together a plan on how to put things right. It may take a couple of visits, but we are confident that we can create a stunning hair colour that’s perfect for you.

Patch test

If you haven’t had colour at a Lifestyle Salon before or in the last six months, you will need to have a patch test 48 hours before your appointment. Any reputable salon will ask for this so beware any that don’t.

Keeping your colour looking amazing

When you have invested time and money in beautiful hair colour we know how important it is that it lasts well and doesn’t fade after just a few washes, and that’s why we use Goldwell colour in our salons.

However, there are also things you can do at home to make your hair colour really last, like using the right shampoo and conditioner and protecting your colour from heated tools.

For lots of useful tips, click here to read our blog post How to make your hair colour last and last.

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