How to make your blow dry last longer

7 ways to make your blow dry last longer

How to make your blow dry last longer

Does this scenario sound familiar? You leave the salon feeling fabulous, with a beautiful, shiny, glamorous blow dry that makes you feel like you can take on the world. But then you wake up the next morning and it’s nothing by a distant memory. So is it possible to make your blow dry last longer?

It definitely is, and with these great tips your freshly styled hair can last days rather than hours.

1. Avoid moisture & humidity

This is absolutely key to making your blow dry last longer as moisture will make your style drop and your hair frizz.

Avoid going out in wet weather if you can, but if you have to, make sure your hair is loosely covered or clipped up to avoid the ends getting wet under your umbrella. Try KMS California’s anti humidity seal for added protection against frizz.

Keep your hair frizz free by using an umbrella

In the shower you’ll also need to cover your hair. However, if you’re using a plastic shower cap make sure it has a toweling lining to absorb the moisture and humidity. Alternatively wrap your hair in a towel.

2. Tie in a top knot for bed

If your hair is long and you’ve had a big bouncy blow dry, the last thing you want is it to be flat again by morning. So tie your hair up in a loose bun on top of your head before bed.

Keeping your hair high on your head means it’s not getting squashed out of shape as you sleep. Use a large butterfly clip to hold it in place. Whatever you do don’t use an elastic tie or you’ll end up with kinks in your hair.

Wear hair in a loose top knot when sleeping to make your blow dry last longer

3. Sleep on silk or satin

Using a silky or satin pillow case reduces the friction when you move your head around in the night. Reducing the static effect prevents frizz and helps make your blow dry last longer.

4. Refresh with a blast of cold air

Even after tying your hair up and sleeping on a silky pillow, when you wake up in the morning you blow dry will probably still need refreshing.

Turn your head upside down and blast with cold air from your hairdryer (hot air will make the style fall out of shape). Then give it a spritz of hairspray to give it some body and hold.

Smooth bouncy blow dry

5. Make dry shampoo your best friend

Of course your blow dry is only going to last until you have to wash your hair, which is why dry shampoo is every bouncy blow dry’s best friend.

It will absorb any grease that is beginning to appear after a couple of days. Plus it will help restore some of the substance and volume.

Spray dry shampoo onto the roots, allow to dry and then massage in to your scalp the way you would with regular shampoo.

We love Moroccanoil and they have recently added two dry shampoos to their range – one for light tones and one for dark tones.

Moroccanoil dry shampoo

If you follow these tips you’ll still see the benefits of your gorgeous salon blow dry days later. But what if you want to recreate the salon look at home? Be sure to follow these two additional tips.

6. Wash hair twice

The cleaner you hair is, the longer you blow dry is likely to last. You need to be starting with super clean hair and that means two washes.

Make one of these washes with a clarifyng shampoo as this will cleanse deeply and remove the build up of products in your hair. Try Paul Mitchell’s Clarifying Shampoo or KMS California’s Hair Stay clarifying shampoo.

7. Use the right settings on your hairdryer

If you want to make your blow dry last longer, make sure that your hairdryer gets really hot. Also you need to get  your hair completely dry. If your hair isn’t completely dry it won’t hold it’s shape and will easily become kinked.

You’ll need to use a product for heat protection and we recommend KMS’s Quick Blow Dry spray which reduces the time it takes to blow dry by 50%.

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