Keep short hair fabulous like Victoria Beckham's inverted bob

How to Keep Short Hair in Shape

Keep short hair fabulous like Victoria Beckham's inverted bob

The time taken to look after short hair can be a fraction of what longer styles need. However, there are still a few essentials you need to bear in mind to keep short hair looking fabulous

Get regular trims

If you have short hair you won’t be spending much time drying and styling your hair. However, you’ll probably be making more trips to the salon than your friends with longer hair.

Short hair really needs to be cut every five to six weeks to keep it in shape but that’s no bad thing. After all, who doesn’t enjoy an hour away from their busy schedule to relax, read a magazine and enjoy a cappuccino or a glass of wine? (Just make sure you come to a Lifestyle Salon if you want to enjoy these little luxuries)!

Maintain a healthy hair care routine

If your hair is short you may be tempted to wash it every day because it’s so quick and easy. But try and avoid this as it can make hair feel limp and strip it of its natural oils. If you do need to wash your hair daily, shampoo once and make sure you use a conditioner every time.

After washing, try using Moroccanoil to keep hair soft and manageable.

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Look after your scalp

We often forget that our scalp is just part of our skin. As such it deserves the same attention that we give the rest of our skin. Just as you cleanse your face to remove dirt and make-up, so you should cleanse the scalp and remove the build up of any products.

Whilst shampooing will clean your scalp, over time conditioners and treatments will build up. So if you use a lot of styling products in your hair, once a week use a clarifying shampoo. This will give a deep cleanse and remove any build up. We recommend KMS Clarify Shampoo.

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Avoid product overload

Very often you’ll want to use products to re-style your short hair every day. However, you need to make sure you’re not overloading. This is especially important with the heavier products like waxes and gels. Use too much and you could end up clogging the hair cuticle and make your hair look dull and lifeless. Always get your stylist’s advice on the best products to use for your style and hair type. And of course make sure you only use a small amount.

Follow our four simple tricks and your short hair will always be in great shape.

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