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The secrets to keeping blonde hair healthy

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Blonde hair is one of the rarest natural shades. It is found in only two percent of the population. And whilst we might never know whether blondes really do have more fun, it doesn’t stop it from being probably the most sought after hair colour of all.

Interestingly, the most popular shades for blonde hair vary around the world. In America golden blonde is the favourite shade whilst women in the UK tend to favour a more ash blonde.

Whatever shade of blonde you are and whether it’s natural or coloured, blonde hair has its own special requirements when it comes to hair care. Be sure to follow our tips to ensure your blonde hair stays vibrant and glossy.


Keeping natural blonde hair healthy
secret to healthy blonde hair


If you are lucky enough to have naturally blonde hair, you’ll know that it tends to be fine. That’s because blonde strands of hair are the thinnest of all natural colours. It’s not all bad news though. On average blondes have 140,00 strands of hair on their head, by far the greatest density of any natural shade.

As well as being fine and fragile, blonde hair is also susceptible to dryness. In order to keep your blonde hair in good condition use a weekly moisturising hair mask. This will keep blonde hair looking healthy, sleek and smooth and will also help prevent breakage.

Blonde hair has a tendency to yellow so it’s always a good idea to use a specially formulated blonde shampoo. We recommend Paul Mitchell’s Forever Blonde shampoo and conditioner to restore radiance and to help keep blonde shades light and bright.

Finally, because it is fine, naturally blonde hair can lack volume. Use a volumising foam on the roots to add fullness. And try blow-drying with a medium or large round brush to help add height and volume to the roots. But remember, as with all fine hair, avoid heavy styling products as they will just make your hair look lank and drab. For more tips on how to add volume to fine hair, click here.

Keeping dyed blonde hair healthy

Strawberry blonde

For the 98% of the population who aren’t naturally blonde, dying our hair is the only way we’ll ever achieve this iconic look. If you are considering going blonde, your first step should be to book a free consultation with your hairdresser to discuss the best  shade for you and the best way to go about achieving your desired look.

Your stylist will be able to advise you on the best shade for your natural colouring. If you’ve always suited warm tones you’ll need to choose a warm shade like ash or strawberry blonde. On the other hand, if cool tones suit you, platinum blonde may be the one for you. For more inspiration see our post Which is the best blonde for you?


Ash blonde is a great choice for cool skin tones

Ash blonde is a great choice if you have a cool skin tone and looks more natural than  bleach blonde.

Remember that the final result will always depend on the colour you start with. Also, it may not be possible to achieve your preferred shade in one go – your stylist may need to put together a plan over several months to get you to your final shade.

Once you are blonde you’ll need to look after your hair. Because of the processes involved, dyed blonde hair can become fragile and break more easily than it might otherwise do. However, this can be avoided with good hair care. Using a hair mask regularly will help strengthen weakened and brittle hair and restore natural moisture.

Over time dyed blonde hair can become yellow and brassy. You can avoid this by using products that are specially designed for blonde hair, like the KMS Colour Vitality range. As with any dyed hair you should always use products that are specially formulated for colour-treated hair as these will help to lock the colour in. They will also add shine, making your colour appear glossy and vibrant.

Finally, be careful not to wash your hair too often – you’ll just be washing the colour away. If possible, only wash a couple of times a week, but if you need to wash more often, only shampoo once. For more tips on looking after your colour see our blog post How to make your colour last and last