Make hair colour last

How to Make your Hair Colour Last and Last

Make hair colour last

Here at Lifestyle we love using colour to complement and enhance a haircut. But we know that colour can sometimes fade more quickly than we would like. To make your hair colour last and stay vibrant right up to your next visit to the salon, follow our simple hair care tips:

Use the right shampoo and conditioner

If you only follow one of our tips, make sure it’s this one! It’s really important that you use products that are specially formulated for colour-treated hair as these will help to make your hair colour last by locking it in. They will also add shine, making your colour appear glossy and vibrant. At Lifestyle we recommend KMS Colour Vitality shampoo and conditioner to maximise colour retention and vibrancy.

Emma Roberts rose gold hair

Don’t wash the colour away

Water is the enemy of colour – it washes it out and makes it fade – so if at all possible, only wash your hair a couple of times a week, or every other day at the most. Now we know that there are some people who really do need to wash their hair every day so if this is the case, then only shampoo once rather than twice. This reduces the amount of water going through your hair.

When you have finished shampooing and conditioning it can be very tempting to luxuriate in the warm water of the shower, letting it wash over you for several minutes. However, you need to avoid the temptation to let the water run over your hair as you’ll be literally washing your colour down the drain!

make blonde hair colour last

Go easy on the heat

Another great enemy of hair colour is heat. Too much heat can fade coloured hair so try these tips.

Firstly, after washing, wait until your hair is almost dry before you start blow drying. This drastically reduces the amount of time your hair is exposed to the heat of the hair dryer. Plus, if you use a product like KMS quick blow dry spray you will reduce drying time even further.

Secondly, beware of overusing heated stylers like straighteners and curling wands as they heat to incredibly high temperatures (about 180° – that’s hot enough to roast a chicken)! Try not to use them every day and use a good quality brand as well – we love ghds. They may be a bit more expensive but because they are more effective you won’t find yourself going over the same section again and again, thereby reducing the amount of heat you are exposing your hair to.

Finally, whenever you are using heat on your hair, make sure you always use a heat protection styling product. There are lots on the market, but we love the KMS Free Shape hot flex crème.

strawberry blonde hair colourBeware the sun

Just as heated appliances will fade your colour, so too will the sun. If you’re out in the sun, make sure you wear a hat to protect your colour’s vibrancy.

Consider Glossing between colour

Glossing is a bit like a top coat for your nails or clear gloss for your lips – it accentuates the colour and adds shine. It’s particularly good for blonde hair, which tends to dull more quickly than other colours. Ask your stylist for her advice.

Finally, remember that healthy hair takes colour much more evenly than damaged hair, so looking after your hair will really pay off.

At Lifestyle we offer a free colour consultation service, so if you’re considering a colour change – whether it’s subtle or dramatic – come and talk to us. During your 15 minute free consultation you’ll be able to chat with your stylist about what colours will suit you best and what colours are achievable given your current hair colour.

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