match your hair to your wedding dress

Match the perfect hairstyle to your wedding dress

match your hair to your wedding dress

There are many things that will influence your choice of hair style for your wedding day, but  the key one will most likely be your dress. You’ll want your dress and hair to complement one another and work beautifully together, so we would always recommend that you wait until you have chosen your dress before you make any decisions regarding your hair.

It’s the neckline of the dress that is really going to influence your choice of hair the most. If the neckline is very simple you can maybe afford for  your hair to be a bit more on the  flamboyant side but if you have a more elaborate neckline, the last thing you’ll want is for it to be hidden under your hair.

So let’s take three popular dress styles and see which hair dos are going to set them off the best.

Capped or long sleeves
If your dress has capped or long sleeves having your hair up is a great choice. You want to get your hair away from the neckline so it’s not competing with your dress, so a simple ponytail, bun or chignon all look fabulous. Short hair also complements this style of dress beautifully.

wedding hairstyles for dresses with sleeves

A strapless gown gives you loads of possibilities – all up, half up half down or all down. An up-do will elongate the neck and make the neckline a real feature, but if you want something a bit softer or romantic  a half down or all down style will both work beautifully.

hairstyles for a sleeveless wedding dress

Off one shoulder

If your wedding dress is off one shoulder, then that’s the side to make a feature of your hair. A side bun if you want an up-do or a braid or curls left down and swept over your bare shoulder.
hairstyles for one shoulder wedding dress

And remember, when you go to your salon for a consultation or trial, make sure you take lots of pictures of your dress with you. That way your stylist can help you choose the hair style that will work best with your dress, as well as compliment your face shape.

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