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Lifestyle Lindsey

Lindsey – Salon Principal & Salon Manager

Cut & Finish £65.00
“I believe that precision cutting is the basis for any hair style, but I love to compliment this with bespoke colour that is perfect for a particular client. Clients want to be treated as individuals and at Lifestyle that’s something we’re really good at. I take real pride in giving my clients inspiration and then creating the look they are after. Even after 13 years of hairdressing there’s nothing else I would rather be doing. I am passionate about giving my clients an amazing experience and I have very high standards for my work. That’s an attitude that runs right through Lifestyle which makes it a great place to work. Outside of work I enjoy socialising with my friends, going on long walks and spending time with my husband and my two gorgeous children.”

Hayley – Salon Principal & Trainer

Cut & Finish £65.00
“Even after 22 years in the industry I still love every aspect of my hairdressing and just love coming to work. I am a keen follower of fashion and enjoy everything from creating total looks to simple but elegant cuts and ensuring that my clients have the right products to recreate the salon look at home. I hold one our industry’s top qualifications, the Colour Masters degree, and love using my expertise to create beautiful colour work that enhances any cut. Be it subtle or bold, every cut could benefit from some colour. I would say that I am a perfectionist and take great pride in everything I do. I pride myself in my blow-drying as I like this to frame my work. Not surprisingly I like to shop! The rest of my time is spent at the cinema, restaurants and looking after my cats – I have five!”

Alicia – Salon Director

Cut & Finish £61.00
“I have always been artistic with a love of fashion, so hairdressing is my perfect career! I feel that my strengths are my ability to really listen to my clients and then combine this with beautiful hairdressing that works at home. I hold one of the top in-house qualifications in consultation which guarantees you get the haircut that works best for you. I have been here over ten years and have loved every minute as it has given me an incredible career. I also hold the prestigious, Colour Masters degree which gives me a wealth of knowledge I can pass on to my clients. I like walking my dog, socialising with my friends, who are really dear to me, and believe it or not DIY! I love a challenge.”

Milton Keynes Team Carla

Carla – Salon Director

Cut & Finish £61.00
“I have been hairdressing now for over 8 years and in that time I’ve never tired of creating fabulous looks and styles for my clients. It’s really satisfying knowing that I’m helping them feel good about themselves and I love to see them leave the salon feeling amazing and with the added confidence a beautiful hairstyle can bring. My friends and colleagues say I’m very approachable and I think that’s really important because it helps me build up a rapport with my clients so I can create a personalised look based on their individual needs. I love all aspects of hairdressing and am always up for a challenge if there’s a new technique to be learned. When I’m not at work I’m never happier than when I’m spending time with my husband and two beautiful daughters.”

Melissa hairdresser

Melissa – Salon Director & Assistant Manager

Cut & Finish £61.00
“I really love what I do and working here at Lifestyle is so much fun. I enjoy being so busy and feel my strengths are in my attention to detail and my ability to really listen to my clients’ needs before giving them a hair cut they can go home and do themselves. I have always been very creative and feel my hair-up & wedding hair is a great example of this. I also love being creative with colour and as well as having my Colour Masters degree, a couple of years ago I entered Colour Zoom – an internationally renowned colour competition. It was a great opportunity to show off my creative side and I would love to enter more competitions in the future. My perfect weekend is all about shopping, friends and dancing the night away!”

Lifestyle Jordan Milton Keynes

Jordan – Principal Creative Designer

Cut & Finish £50.00
“I have always been very creative and I think it’s the variety that hairdressing offers that makes me love it so much. I love designing haircuts and colour that make my clients look and feel fabulous and I particularly enjoy cutting short hair. My other passions are for hair extensions and hair up and I have specialised in these areas. I think they both really allow my creativity to come to the fore.
Lifestyle is an amazing place to work and I love the fact that we all get on so well and this has enabled me to become very busy with so many lovely clients that I really enjoy. When I’m not working I enjoy going to the gym”

Milton Keynes Georgia salon

Georgia – Creative Designer

Cut & Finish – £41.00
“Being part of Lifestyle is like belonging to a big, happy family and what I really love is the amazing commitment to ongoing training that the salon has. I love working with colour as I feel it really adds another dimension to a great hair cut and my other great passion is hair up because it really lets me be creative. I ‘m bubbly and outgoing so building a strong relationship with my clients is really important to me. Getting to know my clients well helps me create a look they love and that also suits their lifestyle, plus it just makes the day more fun! When I’m not at Lifestyle (and sometimes when I am) I enjoy singing – who doesn’t like a bit of karaoke!”

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