Amber HeardPlaits and braids have been one of summer’s most popular hairstyles, and its not too late to follow the trend. We’re still seeing masses of celebrities with all sorts of plaits – from halo braids and intricate up-dos to fishtail plaits and simple front braids.

Some are easy to do yourself, whilst others are trickier and more intricate. If you can’t quite manage it at home, for a special occasion why not book an appointment with one our hair up experts?

Keeping it simple

Even if your braiding skills are limited you can’t go wrong with Alexa Chung’s pretty yet simple look. Just plait three strands like you did when you were back in primary school. But keep them fine – you don’t want to look like you just got out of the playground!

53d352c91e4d5_-_alexa-chung-plaits-lgnEqually easy is Emma Stone’s do, demonstrating that even in medium length hair a braid can add interest and texture.


Here’s another easy braid to create at home. Pixie Lott has parted her hair in the centre and then neatly plaited a section on each side. Pull back and fix in to place with kirby grips – done!


If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, how about a bold, thick braid like Nicole Kidman? The front section is slightly messed up which makes it feel really modern, and by wearing it to one side and over the shoulder it looks soft and feminine.


Going all out

With the help of a friend and a youtube video, nothing is impossible, but let’s face it, these celebrities all get their stylists to work these looks for them. So if you have got a special occasion, act like a celeb and book in for a “hair up” appointment.


Kate Bosworth’s updo is beautiful for a summer party or wedding.


Cate Blanchet pretty plait nestled at the nape of the neck is stunning.

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger takes braids to the extreme.