Alicia Vikander red carpet hairstyle

Red carpet hairstyles 2016

Alicia Vikander red carpet hairstyle

January and February can feel long, dark and cold which is probably why at this time of year we all like to indulge in the glamour that is the Awards Season.

Every year Hollywood’s finest put on their most gorgeous dresses and spend hours with their hair stylists to make sure that they are turning heads on the red carpet.

We’ve still got the biggie to come – the Oscars of course at the end of the month. But we couldn’t help ourselves from doing a bit of trend and celebrity spotting from the awards so far.

The Ponytail.
The humble ponytail is taken to a whole new level when the stars take hold of it and we love these different interpretations.

examples of ponytails at awards 2016

Sophie Turner opted for pure glamour whilst Rooney Mara’s choice was brushed back into a sleek, double ponytail. Meanwhile Natalie Portman’s on trend blunt bob was pulled back into a cute, blunt ponytail.

The up-do.
The up-do is an awards season favourite every year and there are so many versions it’s easy to see why.

Brie Larson hair loops and twists

At the Screen Actors’ Guilds Brie Larson really stole the show with this sleek hair-up, described in under stated fashion as ‘loops and twists.’


Hair up on the 2016 red carpet

Meanwhile Kate Winslett wowed with her pretty chignon, a step-up from a basic chignon or ballerina bun, and at the Golden Globes Kate Bosworth was turning heads with this flawless, sleek knot.

Beautiful braids.
There have been some stunning braids on the red carpets so far this season….

Celebrities choose braids for Awards Season 2015

We particularly liked Alicia Vikander’s pretty braided up do whilst Rooney Mara’s almost austere, pulled back hair contrasts beautifully with the texture of the braid.

braids on the 2016 red carpet
Olivia Palermo’s braided band meanwhile holds back her stunning, golden blonde Grecian waves and Maria Menournos’ face framing plait gives off a boho vibe.

Old fashioned glamour.
Glamour from a bygone age hasn’t been as much in evidence this year as in previous years, but we did spot a couple of fabulous examples at the Golden Globes.

Vintage glamour hairstyles at Awards 2016

Lady Gaga nails the classic Hollywood / Marilyn Monroe look with her voluminous curls whilst Amber Heard has vintage glamour all sown up!

Long thick waves are always glamorous and Amy Adams and Zendaya prove that point clearly….

Hair styled in glamorous waves for the 2016 Awards Season

Finally, tousled waves were the other big trend. Lily James and Olivia Wilde both combined their ombré lobs with gently messed up waves for a flawless, yet understated look.

tousled wavy lob

If you’ve seen anything to inspire you we’d love to help. Whether it’s an up-do for a wedding or a special occasion, or a pretty boho braid, our hair up experts are available to recreate the look for you.

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