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With the award season over for another year, let’s take a look back at the hair trends and styles that have inspired us.

The Golden Globes
At the Golden Globes the big trend we spotted was the deep side parting which was equally popular on long and short hair.

With long hair the key was to pull the hair over the opposite shoulder to the parting, as we see here with Jessica Chastain’s classic Hollywood waves and Katie Holme’s sleek ponytail.
long hair styles with deep side partings, Lifestyle Salons

Although their hair is much shorter, both Sienna Miller and Emma Stone also opted for a side parting, wearing their bobs tousled, textured and swept to one side.
short hairstyles with side partings, Lifestyle hairdressers


At the Grammys it was all about short hair with Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora showing off their new, shorter styles for the first time. Kim Kardashian has ditched the extensions and cut her hair into a long bob which she also wore in tousled waves.

kim kardashian
Rita Ora on the other hand has gone shorter still, cutting her bob in to this new, icy cropped style which we think looks amazing with her sparkling silver dress.

rita ora
Also at the Grammys, Jessie J’s bob was super slick, super straight and super stylish whilst Nicole Kidman pulled off the perfect sleek lob.

short, sleek hairstyles, Lifestyle hairdressing
The Baftas
Ironically, on the same night as the Grammys in Los Angeles, it was in London at the BAFTAs where old school Hollywood glamour was really shining on the red carpet.

Hayley Atwell and Sarah Jane Crawford were among the stars who opted for side swept curls that just ooze glamour.

hollywood waves, Lifestyle hairdressing

And Lea Seydoux really nailed the sophisticated, old Hollywood style. She achieved the ultimate vintage hair with a perfect blow dry which was rolled under at the ends and tucked discreetly behind one ear.

Vintage hair style


The Oscars

The final ceremony in the annual awards calendar, the Oscars were the last chance for the celebs if they wanted to debut a new hairstyle on the red carpet and they disappoint. The chosen style? You guessed it – short hair. There really is no stopping this trend at the moment. and this time it was the turn of Margot Robbie and Scarlett Johansson.

short hair trend at the Oscars