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Here at Lifestyle we aim to offer you help and advice. The kind of advice that is best suited to you and your hair. We take into account everything that matters to you most. Your lifestyle, hair type and face shape.

Our stylists have been specially trained to carefully listen to you. Then they will recommend the style they know will suit you. There’s always an emphasis on you being able to blow-dry your style yourself. Armed with one of our famous blow-dry lessons you’ll be in control.

And if you’re looking for other services such as colour we have experts there for you. With a constant commitment to training, we always make sure there’s a specialist on hand. Someone who can offer you the very best advice and help. Thereafter, you are free to have a think before booking.

One of our sayings is, “We never forget – you have a choice”. And with that in mind, we aim to offer you an experience where you’ll feel confident in everything we do. So much so that you’ll happily recommend us to your friends. Lifestyle, the hairdressers Milton Keynes.

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