hairstyles for short , fine hair

Hairstyles that look fabulous with short, fine hair.

hairstyles for short, fine hair

If you have fine hair, then a short style can be a great way to give that all important illusion of volume and bounce. Short hair has never been more in fashion, so whether it’s a crop, a bob or adding in some curls, you’ll be bang on trend.

As with any style, the starting point has to be getting your hair into good shape. So before you go any further, make sure you’ve read our blog post, Fine hair – Salon secrets you need to know. Excellent. Your hair is in great shape and you’re looking for a change of style, or maybe even thinking of cutting off your long tresses. But which are the best hairstyles for short, fine hair?

The wonder of short layers

A major problem with fine hair is the lack of density, so short, layered cuts work really well, as they give the illusion of fullness. What’s more, they’re easy to style too.

Short, shaggy layers can help to hide the thinness of fine hair.

short layers give fine hair volume

This longer, sleek pixie cut looks gorgeous and sophisticated and makes the hair at the crown appear fuller.

hairstyles for short , fine hair


Curls get our vote

Some of the best hairstyles for short, fine hair feature curls as these add instant volume and bounce, so preventing it from becoming limp and lifeless. They also distract from the separation of the strands which tends to occur with fine hair.

Helen Mirren short curly hair

Helen Mirren looked fabulous with this curly style as it gives her hair shape and lift.


Bob hairstyles for short, fine hair

The bob is a universally popular style and looks great with fine hair.Choosing a graduated or stacked bob like Victoria Beckham gives instant volume to your fine hair.


If your fine hair is naturally curly your bob will automatically appear fuller than it actually is. Alternatively, create the illusion by adding curls to straight hair.

curly bob for fine hair

Rhianna’s asymmetrical bob with blunt ends is another great choice if you’re looking for something a little edgier.

Rhianna asymmetrical bob

So don’t let your fine hair stop you having a stunning, short style. Chat to your Lifestyle stylist about the best one for you.

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