Reasons to grow your hair long

Six reasons to grow your hair long

Reasons to grow your hair long


Short hair and the long bob might be the big hair trend of the moment but that doesn’t stop us from absolutely loving long hair. Here are six reasons why we think you should grow your hair long.


More styling options

Yes, you might be able to style your long bob in three or four ways, but that’s nothing compared to the variety long hair can offer you. From messy hair up to a formal chignon, sleek ponytail to a casual braid, smooth and straight to a big bouncy blow dry or a beautiful half-up style, with long hair the possibilities really are limitless.

Long hair variety


Never have another ‘bad hair day’

If your hair is short, second or third day hair can sometimes look a bit flat. But with long hair you don’t ever have to have a bad hair day again. If you grow your hair long all you’ll have to do is give it a spritz with some dry shampoo and pull it up into a ponytail or on-trend braid. Ready to go!


casual ponytail

Rock the ombré trend

If you’re a fan of the ombré trend then you’ll definitely want long, or at least mid length hair, to be able to showcase the gorgeous graduation in colour. And ombré is no longer restricted just to brunettes. With sombré (subtle ombré) blondes can now rock the trend too.

long ombre hair


Keeps you warm in winter!

Ok, so this might not be so relevant now as the thermometer soars, but come the autumn and winter months you’ll be delighted to have a little extra warmth around your neck. Who needs a scarf when you’ve got beautiful long tresses to do the job for you?

long hair will keep you warm

Take your pick of beautiful braids

If there’s one great reason to grow your hair long, this has got to be it. With long, luscious tresses, the world is your oyster when it comes to the braid. On trend now for a year or more, the braid is constantly evolving and this season French braids and Fishtail plaits are among the most popular choices . But even if you stick to a simple plait, you can be sure your long hair will look fabulous.


Braids are beautiful in long hair

So many hair accessories to choose from

With short hair you’re usually best limiting yourself to smaller accessories, like a delicate clip, or else they completely overpower the style. But with long hair there are no limits to your choice.
Hair accessory in long hair

So if you’re trying to grow your hair longer at the moment, we think these are six great reasons why it’s worth the effort! But if you’re a bit too impatient to wait for nature to take it’s course, there are always Hair Extensions. Whether you want clip in extensions to wear occasionally, or something more permanent, check out the Hair Extensions section of the website to find out more.

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