sombre hair

The Sombré hair colour trend
sombre hair

Ombré hair colour is one trend that seems to have lived on and on. Celebrities went mad for it over the last two years and it’s been a must-have on the red carpets and cat walks. And of course, where the stars go, we tend to follow.

But could it’s time be up?  Step aside ombré and make way for your shy and oh so subtle younger sister. It’s Sombré – soft or subtle ombré.

A more delicate transition.

With ombré there is an obvious change between dark and light, but with Sombré the distinction is much more subtle and delicate. Sombré progresses in the gentlest of graduations from roots to ends, and although the change in tone from top to bottom may be small it still makes a huge difference. Lilly Aldridge is one celeb who has made the move from ombré to sombré.


Lilly Aldridge moves from ombre hair to sombre hair_ lifestyle hair salons

Who can wear sombre?

Great news – sombré will suit just about anyone.  Unlike ombré that works best on brunettes, sombré looks great on blondes too. In particular it’s a fabulous way for dark blondes to go lighter for summer without changing their natural colour.

Whilst sombré can work on shorter styles, it’s when hair gets beyond shoulder length that the subtle change in hues can really shine. Also, consider a cut with layers at the bottom.This will stop the lighter, brighter ends falling on top of one another so they’ll have more chance to shine.


Jessica-Alba_sombre blonde hair

Jessica Alba is a perfect example of the sombré trend. Her colour looks slightly lighter and brighter at the ends compared with the roots. And there’s none of the drastic contrast you get with the traditional ombré look.

Soft and subtle, the Sombré colour trend is gorgeous, but you’ll want to make your new colour last. Read our post making your hair colour last, to find out how.

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