Tips for looking after curly hair

The secrets to looking after curly hair

Tips for looking after curly hair

So many women come in to the Lifestyle salons struggling with curly hair and wishing it could be straight. And whilst straightening treatments are available and can be very effective, we very much believe that natural curls are beautiful and to be celebrated. Follow our salon tips and you can make the most of your gorgeous, natural curly hair

Over-washing can remove the natural oils necessary to promote pure curls so ideally, wash your curly hair no more than every other day and use a shampoo that replenishes moisture.

As for conditioner- if you have fine hair it needs to be light weight but moisture based. However, if you have thick or coarse hair you can afford to use a richer product that will promote shine.

Fight the frizz…

Frizz can be the curse of curly hair. To keep it at bay, avoid using a brush on your curls – it frays the cuticles causing the hair to frizz. Instead, try styling by simply running your fingers through your hair.

Equally, avoid touching your hair when it’s drying as you’ll be encouraging the frizz by ruffling up the cuticles. Finally, swap to a silk pillow case – it will cut down the friction that causes frizz – and who doesn’t love a little bit of luxury?

Taylor Swift's naturally curly hair looks gorgeous in this chin length bob

Styling – Keeping the Curl…

The best technique to capture a pure curl is to wash and condition, then gently pat your hair with a towel to remove excess water (never rub your hair dry as it roughens up the cuticle which will lead back to that enemy frizz). Next, apply a water-based product like KMS Control Cream, comb through and leave to air dry.

When completely dry, run your fingers through your hair to style. Don’t be tempted to touch your hair until it is dry, other than to encourage volume at the roots.

Styling – Smoothing the Curl…

After washing, again gently pat your hair with a towel to remove excess water and then apply a styling product like KMS Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion. Comb through with a wide toothed comb to ensure the product is evenly distributed.

Now, on this occasion you can use a brush but it must be the right one. It should be reasonably large and round, with a good number of bristles. More bristles, equals more tension, equals straighter hair! If you want volume, lift the hair from the root as you dry.

Using Straighteners…

If you’re going to use straighteners then don’t over dry your hair when blow drying and make sure the styling product you use has heat protection. We recommend Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum or Straight Works. For poker straight hair, use a paddle brush or comb, or if you still want some bend use your round brush to “feed” the hair into the irons and then run through the hair a couple of times to encourage a bend.

short curly hair


If you have gone for the curly look then finish with KMS Anti-humidity Spray which will help combat frizz. If you have chosen to straighten, use a smoothing product like KMS Polishing Serum for a super-smooth finish.

Smoothing and taming treatments…

Not to be confused with a poker straight Brazilian blow dry, there are now several long lasting, in-salon smoothing and taming treatments available that will soften waves and make unruly, frizzy curls much more manageable. We’ve had clients who simply can’t believe how much smoother and more manageable their hair has become….

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