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If you’re booking colour please read this…

  1. If you’ve not had a colour or a patch test with Lifestyle in the last 6 months we will need to do this for you 48 prior to your appointment.
  2. When booking colour you will also need to book your Cut & Finish or BlowDry as this is not automatic.
  3. And if you’ve used a ‘Home Colour’ recently we will need to do a Compatibility test on the day of your appointment.

Otherwise, just click on the link below

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Latest Salon News...


We've some exciting new treatments in the salon ranging from treatments such as Olaplex and a fab new treatment that will remove any buildup in your hair and give incredible shine.

There's also a new range of hair straightening products that will help tame very curly or frizzy hair. So if you need a little help managing hair that 'fights back' then this is great for you...

Kind regards,
Katy - Salon Manager

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