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The Best Hair Colouring Aylesbury

Finding the right hair colour can make all the difference. Similarly, finding a hair colour that matches your skin tone is equally important. That’s why all our expert colourists have been specially trained to the highest level. What that means to you is that when you choose a Lifestyle colourist, you’re in safe hands.

We believe hair colour is a little like make-up. That is to say, some people wear a lot of colours and some people suit just a little. In other words, natural-looking. Moreover, colour can make a huge difference to your haircut. For example, it can catch the light and create movement. Or it can be used to lengthen the face or lighten the appearance of thick hair. The opportunities are endless.

And remember, we offer you a free colour consultation to help you explore all avenues. That means you can meet your stylist first and get a feel for their work before booking.

Call us now and book your free consultation for hair colouring in Aylesbury.

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Aylesbury Colouring Services

  • Highlights – Using Foil

    Foil highlights are where fine weaves are selected and coloured. That means that some of your hair is left uncoloured and creates a natural effect.

    When your hair is lightened they are called ‘highlights’ and if darkened they are referred to as ‘lowlights’.

    We quite often use two or three shades which gives the nicest, multi-toned effect. That is to say that it mirrors nature which usually has different tones.

  • Baby Lights

    These are very natural-looking highlights. They are designed to mimic the sun-kissed tones your hair may have had as a child. The majority of your hair retains its natural colour. We then add just a few light and bright accents which are scattered throughout.

  • Tinting…

    A tint is a permanent colour that is applied to all of your hair. As a result, it can add depth or create lightness and is very good at covering grey hair.

    As the colour is applied at the roots it will grow out in time. as a result, the tint will need to be re-applied but only at the root area.

    A semi-permanent version of the original colour may be used to refresh the ends. The reason for this is to keep the condition and retain shine.

    Combing neat tint on top of pre-coloured hair is unnecessary and can damage the hair. Likewise, this can lead to premature fading. That’s why when you use one of our colourists you’re in safe hand. The best hair colouring in Aylesbury!

  • Glossing…

    Glossing is a semi-permanent colour that gently stains your hair and will wash out in time. It usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

    The benefit of this is that you do not get the regrowth you do with tinting. On the flip side, it doesn’t cover the grey as well.

    It is a great way to try colouring for the first time to see if you like the effects.

    And remember we offer you free consultations so you can chat with one of our expert hairdressers about hair colouring in Aylesbury.

  • Ombré Colouring…

    Ombré means ‘shaded’ in French.

    The technique graduates colour from a darker tone near the roots to a lighter one at the ends.

    It gives you a gorgeous infusion of colour that makes a stunning accent to your cut.

  • Sombré Colouring…

    Sombré is the name given to a soft or very subtle Ombré and it is just that. Like Ombré hair, it graduates from dark to light but in a more subtle way so the fading is very natural looking.

    Because of the very subtle graduation in colour, Sombré works really well with blonde hair as well as brunette.

    It, therefore, has the advantage of growing out without the need for recolouring.

  • Balayage Colouring…

    Balayage is another French term and means ‘sweep’.

    This technique is a clever combination of Baby Lights and Ombré. The colour is quite often painted on by hand.

    As a result, you will achieve a very personal colour that is unique to you.

    It is also a very natural-looking technique with little regrowth. That is to say, that it can be a low-maintenance colour.

  • Dip-Dye Colouring…

    Dip-dye is a great technique if you’re looking to make a real statement.

    It creates a clear, edgy distinction between the top part of your hair and the length. Dip dye looks great with bleached, pastel or bright coloured ends.

    This technique can be stunning and will compliment your total look. It will create a real statement and garner you many compliments.

  • Pre lightening

    This is a gentle way to ready your hair for another process. That is to say, if you wanted to go really light from a dark base, this is how we would do it.

    Pre-lightening effectively removes some of the existing colour from your hair. This gives the next colour a lighter base to work from.

    In other words, it allows us to achieve our target colour more accurately.

  • Colour Correction…

    Not all hairdressers are born equal! Some don’t always have the level of knowledge needed to colour hair properly.

    So, if you feel that your colour isn’t how it should be, and your existing hairdresser can’t quite get it right, then call us.

    We have experts in colour correction. They will sit you down and discuss the solution that is right for your hair.

    Their aim will be to recolour your hair so it looks lovely again. And they will keep an eye on the condition for you.

Colouring Price List

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  • Foils – Full Head

    • Senior Designer
    • Principal Designer
    • Creative Designer
    • Senior Creative
    • Principal Creative
    • Creative Director
    • Salon Director
  • Tint – Full Head

    • Senior Designer
    • Principal Designer
    • Creative Designer
    • Senior Creative
    • Principal Creative
    • Creative Director
    • Salon Director
  • Foils – TSection & Hairline

    • Senior Designer
    • Principal Designer
    • Creative Designer
    • Senior Creative
    • Principal Creative
    • Creative Director
    • Salon Director
  • Foils- Interim

    • Senior Designer
    • Principal Designer
    • Creative Designer
    • Senior Creative
    • Principal Creative
    • Creative Director
    • Salon Director
  • Foils – Halo Lights

    • Senior Designer
    • Principal Designer
    • Creative Designer
    • Senior Creative
    • Principal Creative
    • Creative Director
    • Salon Director

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Colouring FAQ

Your questions about Hair Colouring Aylesbury answered...

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  • Can I meet my Stylist before they do my hair?

    Absolutely! You can always book a free consultation before you book an appointment to meet the person who’s going to do your hair. And if you need help in choosing the right person who specialises in your hair type, then just speak to our reception team and they’ll be happy to help.

  • Why do you have different levels/prices of Stylists?

    We have eight levels of Stylists based on their experience, training and indeed their popularity. So there’s a price and level of expertise to suit everyone.

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