Rose gold hair – spice up your colour this summer

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Hair Colour, Trends & Celebrities

Rose gold hair - spice up you colour this summer

Rose gold hair – spice up your colour this summer

Hair colour trends come and go every season, and this spring and summer we think you’ll be loving Rose gold hair. Rose gold has been a popular shade for everything from jewellery to headphones and the i-phone. But now the time has come to embrace it for your hair as well.

Rose gold hair is super pretty. It’s a gorgeous mix of coppery red with hints of blonde, gold and rose. It’s subtle and much more understated than the lilacs, blues and bright pinks that have been popular. What’s more, it’s perfect for the warmer summer months.
Loads of celebrities have already embraced the shade. A quick search on Instagram of #rosegoldhair will bring up hundreds of beautiful images to inspire you.

Rose gold navigates the path between trendy pastel pink and natural strawberry blonde. It has a natural warmth which gives the colour a gentle softness.

If you’re feeling ready to embrace some new colour for the new season our team of stylists would love to help.

We offer a complimentary Colour Consultation service. You can discuss your ideas with your stylist and she’ll be able to explain how¬†we can achieve them.

We will take into account your skin tone and your lifestyle to create a bespoke colour that will suit you best.

To book a free, 15-minute colour consultation with one of our colour experts, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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