Our Top 10 Most Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles…

From Twiggy’s pixie cut to Victoria Beckham’s asymmetrical bob and the world-famous “Rachel,” we’ve been taking a look at iconic celebrity hairstyles.

The styles were really groundbreaking in their time and continued in popularity long after the celebrity in question had been back to her hairdresser for something completely different.
It certainly wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just 10 styles – Audrey Hepburn’s Beehive and Kylie Minogue’s ’80s perm both fell by the wayside. But after much debate, we’ve come up with our list of the most iconic celebrity hairstyles. Let us know if you agree or if you think we’ve forgotten your favourite.

Twiggy’s Pixie

The famous haircut that launched Twiggy’s career in 1966, transforming her from a London schoolgirl to an international style icon.

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’

Although she claims she never liked the style herself, millions of women worldwide couldn’t wait to copy Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ hairstyle in the 1990s.

Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood Waves

The original ‘bottle blonde,’ Marilyn Monroe’s glamorous waves epitomised what it meant to be sexy in 1950s America.

Victoria Beckham’s Graduated Bob

Posh Spice’s graduated bob catapulted her from a UK pop star to an international style icon.

Kate Moss’s Boho Waves

Girls everywhere have copied Kate Moss’s bohemian blonde waves, making her a style icon of the 21st century.

Judy Dench’s short, chic hair

Proving that age need never get in the way of style, Judy Dench is an inspiration to women everywhere.

Meg Ryan’s Shag

Popular since the 90s, Meg Ryan’s textured, short hair is low maintenance and great if you’re growing out a very short style.

Mary Quant’s 5 Point Cut

Created by the legendary Vidal Sassoon in 1963, the 5 Point Cut has become an icon of the hairdressing industry. It was revolutionary at the time and its influence continues today.

Frankie Sandford’s Asymmetrical Cut

In the 2000s, women flocked to recreate Frankie from the Saturdays’ asymmetrical, half-bob, half-cropped hair.

Caroline Flack’s ombré blunt bob

The blunt ends and ombré colour of Caroline’s long bob give it an edgy, modern feel that many women have looked to replicate.

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