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The Best Hair Straightening Aylesbury

For clarity, there are two main types of hair straightening. One will leave your hair poker straight, and the other will leave some movement in it. In other words, it is something to work with and hold the volume.

  1. Hair straightening is ideal if you have;
  2. Kinky or Wavy hair that can’t quite decide what it wants.
  3. Frizzy hair that, even when blow-dried, goes frizzy again in damp weather.
  4. Long hair that has a nondescript kink that looks different to the rest.
  5. And, of course, very curly hair may prove a challenge to blow-dry yourself.

To clarify, you may want a straightening to tame a resistant kink away completely. Or a system to gently relax your curls, leaving some movement and volume.

Most importantly, you want a hairdresser who knows what to do! That’s why we take great care to train all our technicians properly. When you choose a Lifestyle hairdresser, you’re in safe hands!

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Choosing the right hair straightening Aylesbury

  • Kerastraight

    Firstly, one of the most respected straightening products is Kerastraight. Why? Because they offer solutions for both relaxing your hair and full straightening. The difference is, one will loosen the curls in your hair but still leave some curl. That is to say, you’ll still have some movement that’s useful for styling.

    Secondly, the other system relaxes the curls and kinks almost completely. Therefore your hair will be quite straight.
    However, we usually advise that some movement is left in your hair. The reason is, poker-straight hair can also be difficult to style.

    Kerastraight’s philosophy is to create smooth manageable hair with shine and condition. Thereafter, you will have hair that’s easier to manage and healthy at the same time.

    Kerastraight’s Global Ambassador is the renowned hairdresser Trevor Sorbie MBE. Trevor has one of the most respected artistic teams in the world. They produce beautiful imagery that quite often features Kerstraight treatments.

  • A heads-up on hair straightening

    We’ve established that straightening your hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have poker-straight hair. For example, we can remove ‘most’ of the curl which will leave you some movement. This is advantageous if you still want to retain body and bounce.

    On the other hand, when it comes to frizzy hair this may be different. What we mean is, it’s unusual that frizzy hair adds body so this is usually better straight.

    In either case, we want your straightening to last as long as possible so maintenance is key. For instance, if you use the wrong shampoo it will chemically undo the process. Subsequently, the curl or frizz will return prematurely.

    Lastly, heat is another factor. That’s to say, if you use a hairdryer that is unusually hot this may also undo the straightening. For that very reason, we recommend that you keep the dryer at a safe distance for your hair.

    Follow these two recommendations and your hair straightening will last the maximum amount of time. Because of this, you will enjoy months of silky, manageable hair.

    Meanwhile, in the next section, we’ll cover a little bit more on the correct products to use.

  • Why is the Right Shampoo Essential?

    So now you have beautifully soft, straight hair there’s just one more step!

    Firstly, certain shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that may undo your straightening. So by using the right products you’re straightening will last longer.

    Secondly, it’s really important to use the right shampoo & conditioner. Consequently, your hairdresser will recommend the products best suited for you.

    We are always here to give you advice on this and any questions you may have. Just ask!

  • Hair Straightening Aylesbury Price Guide

    We know you would like to know how much this is all going to cost. But it may not be as much as you think it’s difficult for us to say exactly.

    The reason for this is that every client is different. Therefore the price will alter a little depending on what system you want and whether or not you want it poker straight or just relaxed hair.

    Moreover, we are here to help though. Please free to call the salon and ask for as much help and information as you need.

    Similarly, we also offer FREE consultations where you can pop into the salon and speak to a technician. To clarify,  get expert advice before you book.

    A member of our team is available to speak to so give us a call now to find out more with no obligation. Most importantly we just want you to have the information you need.

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  • Can I meet my Stylist before they do my hair?

    Absolutely! You can always book a free consultation before you book an appointment to meet the person who’s going to do your hair. And if you need help in choosing the right person who specialises in your hair type, then just speak to our reception team and they’ll be happy to help.

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