2020 Spring Hair Colours

CopperTone & Strawberry Blonde

Spring is in the air! And here are our predictions for 2020 Spring Hair Colours. And it would seem that the celebrity A-list is heading for copper tones early this year. Wait for it,  copper is one of our favourite spring hair colours.

A smattering of guests at the BAFTAS  took to the red carpet with gorgeous, shiny copper hair. This mirrored the look being promoted in many of the glossies at the moment.

A long-time favourite of ours, here at the salon, is Emma Stone. Pictured here Emma wears beautiful copper tones so elegantly. She is a favourite with many a client who loves the warm look.

Emma Stone is much admired for her stunning copper hair.

Strawberry Blonde

If the copper tone is just that bit rich for you then the softened tone of Strawberry Blonde will be perfect.

Combining all the warmth of copper but lifted by adding lighter tones. This lovely combination is sure to be a winner as we say goodbye to winter.

And if you combine the subtle tones of warmth and the lift of lighter tones this will give your hair two things. The first is movement so that when the light catches your hair it shimmers and brings out the cut. The second is depth so that it looks and feels healthy. The result is sure to turn heads.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to turn a head or two?

Strawberry Blonde adds a soft warm tone to traditional highlights.

Credits Pinterest

Would like a personal consultation to explore the possibility of a new look for Spring?

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