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There are two main systems for straightening hair. Depending on whether you want your hair very straight or just relaxed.

Hair straightening Aylesbury is ideal if you have;

  • Wavy hair that doesn’t hold the blow dry for very long.
  • Hair that is prone to being frizzy, especially in damp weather.
  • Long hair that ‘kinks’ in places.
  • Very curly hair that is difficult to dry yourself.

So in fact, you may not want ‘poker straight hair’, you may just want to tame those tresses and leave some movement.

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Choosing the Right Hair Straightening System

One of the most respected straightening products is Kerastraight. They offer solutions for both relaxing your hair and full straightening. The difference being, one will loosen the curls in your hair but still leave some curl. That is to say, you will still have some movement that’s useful for styling.

The other system relaxes the curls and kinks almost completely. Therefore your hair will remain quite straight.
We always advise that some movement is left in your hair. The reason being, poker-straight hair can also be difficult to style.

Kerastraight’s philosophy is to create smooth manageable hair with shine and condition. Therefore, you will have hair that’s easier to manage and healthy at the same time.

Kerastraight’s Global Ambassador is the renowned hairdresser Trevor Sorbie MBE. Trevor has one of the most respected artistic teams in the world. They produce beautiful imagery that quite often features Kerstraight treatments.
For more information or to book a free, discovery consultation please call the salon now.

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A Simple Guide to Getting the Most Out of Straightening

An affordable and effective way to add volume and length, weft extensions are attached to your own hair with small microbeads and can be applied with absolutely no heat, no glue and no braid! A discreet flat method and alternative to the braided technique. Silicone-lined microbeads are attached to the hair; the weft is then sewn onto the space between the bead and hair.

  • Suitable for most hair types
  • For adding length and thickness
  • To be tightened every 6 weeks
  • Hair can be reused – generally lasts between 6- 9 months

Why is the Right Shampoo Essential?

So now you have beautifully soft, straight hair there’s just one more step!

Certain shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that may undo your straightening. So by using the right products you’re straightening will last longer.

It’s really important to use the right shampoo & conditioner. So rest assured your hairdresser will recommend the products best suited for you.

And we are always here to give you advice on this and any questions you may have. Just ask!

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Because the extensions are inserted individually, we can best advise you with a Free Discovery Consultation.

Keratin Bond hair extensions are also particularly good for adding volume to fine hair or for adding a splash of colour to your natural hair

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