How to get rid of split ends & banish dry hair

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Unfortunately the only definite way to get rid of split ends is to have them cut off. Dry hair on the other hand is a condition and one that can be treated. Follow our tips and you will soon be free of split ends and have restored the health of your dry and damaged hair.

Don’t be a stranger to your hair salon

To get rid of split ends you’ll need to get them cut off, so a trip to your hair salon has to be your first move. Unfortunately, split ends won’t repair themselves and you need to have them removed to ensure the split doesn’t progress all the way up the hair shaft.This may mean losing several inches of hair but think of it as an investment for the future.
Then, once you’ve removed the damage, make sure it doesn’t return.Book in for a regular trim every six to eight weeks and then follow the rest of our tips.

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Ask your stylist about Olaplex

Olaplex is an amazing treatment that rebuilds and repairs your hair. Whereas conditioner hydrates the outer surface of the hair, Olaplex repairs your hair from the inside out. So many celebrities have been raving about Olaplex and we agree with them. It really is brilliant. We offer an in salon service and there is also a version to take home to use between visits.
To find out more about Olaplex click here.

Avoid over washing your hair

It’s really not necessary to wash your hair every day, and especially not if it is dry. Washing strips the hair of its natural oils and it’s these oils that you need to work their way down the hair shafts to add moisture. Aim to wash your hair just two or three times a week.

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Conditioning is key

Condition the mid length and ends of your hair every time you get it wet, even if you haven’t washed it. This will help keep the moisture locked in. We recommend the KMS moisture repair range which includes a treatment that can be used once a week to penetrate deeply and help reconstruct damaged hair.

Handle with care

Dry hair is very brittle so it needs gentle handling to avoid it breaking. Firstly, don’t rub too hard when washing your hair and never rub it dry with your towel. Instead dab it gently to remove excess water.
Secondly, never brush wet hair but use a wide toothed comb or tangle teezer instead. Hair is weaker when wet and a brush’s bristles can easily cause damage and breakages.
Lastly, be careful with elastics and hair accessories as if they are rough they can also damage the hair.

Up your oil intake

We’ve all heard about the health benefits for Omega 3. Well, they are essential for keeping your hair and scalp healthy too, so make sure you include sources such as oily fish, avocado and seeds in your diet. For more tips see our blog: How to eat your way to healthier hair.
Another oil that will do wonders for your hair is Argan Oil which is found in the amazing Moroccanoil Treatment. Applied directly onto the hair and easily absorbed, Moroccanoil provides lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection.
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Go easy on the heat

Now this tip applies for all hair types but none more so than dry and damaged hair. Too much heat will strip the hair of oils making it weaker and so more susceptible to damage. Whenever possible, air dry your hair until about 80% dry and then just finish off and style using the hairdryer.
If your hair is in really bad shape, try and avoid heat styling all together for a while. Speak to you stylist and see if she can show you some alternative styling options. And finally, remember always use a heat protection product when using heat on your hair.

Although you can get rid of split ends instantly with a trip to the hair salon, dry hair isn’t something that can be cured overnight. However, by sticking to our tips you will be able to restore your hair to great shape and then keep it that way.

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