Do You Know Your Face Shape?

Do You Know Your Face Shape?

Do You Know Your Face Shape? Here a Lifestyle HQ we’ve been planning a new series of posts on the best hairstyles for each different face shape. But before we bring you those, we wondered, do you actually know your face shape? If you’re planning a restyle...

7 ways to keep long hair healthy

<![CDATA[7 Easy Ways to Long, Healthy Hair Long healthy hair is the envy of many women. Never out of fashion and loved by celebrities, it’s so versatile so it’s no wonder it’s a firm favourite with the girls here at the salon. Sadly though, all too...

3 Autumn Hair Care Tips you won't want to ignore

<![CDATA[3 Autumn Hair Care Tips you won’t want to ignore With misty mornings and cooler temperatures, autumn brings a whole new set of challenges for hair care. Follow these three easy autumn hair care tips and you can make sure your hair looks and...

11 Hair Myths – Fact or Fiction?

<![CDATA[11 Hair Myths – Fact or Fiction? If there’s one thing that we have learnt over the years at Lifestyle, it’s that there are plenty of myths surrounding hair and hair care. Whilst some of these hair myths have a sprinkling of truth in them, others are...

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