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There are so many important decisions to make when planning your big day. And high up among them is choosing a wedding photographer. We asked David Anson of David Anson Photography to discuss the most important things to consider.

Photographers have a special gift – the ability to freeze time!

Your wedding photographs will become the lasting memories of your special day. They will be something that you’ll return to time and time again in the years to come. So, of course, you want to ensure that your chosen photographer captures the day perfectly. Here are my tips for choosing a wedding photographer…

Does their style match what you want?

Different photographers produce different styles of work. Some take a strictly documentary approach, while others concentrate on natural light, fine art or high fashion style.
So it’s important that you choose one who can produce the style you are looking for. Make sure you take time to look at a photographer’s portfolio and ask to see more than just what is on their website.

From this, you’ll be able to see whether they work solely in one style or whether they are more adaptable. Personally, I like to combine styles, whilst placing a lot of emphasis on the use of natural light.

What approach suits you?

As well as style, the approach is essential when choosing a wedding photographer. What I mean by this is whether your prospective photographer takes a formal approach, concentrating on highly styled images. Or are they more informal? Maybe looking to capture some of the “off-camera” and “behind the scenes” shots?

What sort of look do you want to create in your wedding album, and most importantly, what do you and your bridegroom feel most comfortable with? It’s no good being asked to pose formally if it makes you feel awkward. Equally, creating quirky shots might not be right for you.

You are at the centre of this, and the most important thing is that the photographer’s approach makes you feel at ease and relaxed. That is the best way to ensure great photos.
So again, consider this when looking at a photographer’s portfolio to ensure the approach you want is reflected in their work.

Connection and personality is key

A photographer’s ability to make you feel relaxed is primarily achieved when you have a good rapport. So it’s essential to establish this beforehand. You’ll be together for most of the day and possibly sharing some quite intimate moments, so I can’t stress this enough.

Make sure you meet any prospective photographers before you appoint them. You should know fairly quickly if you’re going to hit it off. If you have any doubts, I would advise you to continue your search.

A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to build up a good rapport and for the photographer to get to know your personality and likes and dislikes. Then, come the big day, everyone will feel completely at ease, which is essential for a great photoshoot.


Photography is a form of art, but a photographer should still come across as professional and well-organised. This will give you the confidence that they can deliver what they have promised and will serve you well on your special day.

And finally, don’t just choose on price

Of course, price is important when choosing a wedding photographer, but try not to make it the first thing you look at. Think about the points above first to help you to create a shortlist, and then consider their prices.

I hope these tips will help you when you’re choosing a wedding photographer. If you would like to find out more about wedding photographers near you, then try this great guide here Guides for Brides

About David Anson
David Anson is a professional wedding photographer based in Buckinghamshire and covers photography at weddings in Bedfordshire, Herts, Windsor, London, Oxfordshire and The Cotswolds. He is experienced in photographing a wide range of weddings and venues. These include photoshoots at weddings in Missenden Abbey, Bucks; Oakley Court, Windsor; Middle Temple Hall, London, and beautifully capturing Asian weddings.

When he is not capturing memories at wedding photoshoots, he enjoys photoshoots for couples, portraits and family portrait photography.

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