Our top 7 tips to ensure fabulous hair under your hat this summer…

The summer season is getting into full swing. As a result, we’ll soon see a fabulous array of hats and fascinators adorning the heads of those attending the weeks of summer fun.

The summer season includes quintessentially English events like the Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Ascott, Wimbledon and Henley.  But even if you’re not going to one of these summer spectacles, you may well be going to a wedding where a hat is part of the dress code.

Finding a gorgeous piece of headwear can be a daunting experience. You’re trying to find a statement piece that makes you stand out from the crowd. And you need to make sure it matches your outfit. Little wonder then that the question of how you’re going to style your hair can often be forgotten until the last minute.
So, to make sure a big day doesn’t turn into a bad hair day, here are our tips for making sure your hairstyle and your headwear shine together.

Here are our 7 top tips…

1. On the whole, if you’re wearing a hat your hair will normally look better worn back and away from the face. This is especially the case if your hat has a large brim.

2. If your hair is short, tuck the sides back or leave them until your hat is on and then gently fold them back. Then secure under your hat with grips. Alternatively, choose a hat or fascinator that sits well back on the head.

3. Long hair also looks great if it is pulled away from the face. A sleek ponytail or beautiful braid always looks lovely. The fashion lately has been for braids and ponytails to have a relaxed, almost messy feel. However, for a formal hat-wearing occasion it’s usually best to keep it smart and chic.

4. If your hair is long, a bun can be a great combination with a hat.  A low bun is a classic look that will go with most hats and fascinators as the headpiece will sit above it. On the other hand, a high bun works best with a fascinator or a hat designed to sit on the front of the head.

5. A big hat can be quite heavy and end up weighing down your hairstyle. If you’ll be wearing your hat all day, that won’t be a problem. However, if you’ll be taking your hat off for the evening reception, something a bit lighter might be better.

6. Always practice your hairstyle and put on your hat well ahead of the event. You don’t want to be flustered on the day.

7. If you’re still not confident, why not have your hair put up by a professional at the salon? They’ll be able to create the best style for you and show you how to pin your hat in place.

Remember, you’re not wearing a hat to hide your hairstyle. Hat and hair should work together to complement one another beautifully. Together they will create a stunning accompaniment to the rest of your outfit.

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