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There Are Two Types of Hair Treatments…

There are two main reasons for hair to become dry or damaged. And both can be treated to return your hair’s natural beauty.

The first is where you lose moisture.

This mainly happens with blow-drying and when heated equipment is used regularly. The internal moisture is taken out when the hair expands with heat and needs help to be replenished.

Needless to say, when we say ‘moisture’ we don’t mean just water!

The second reason is structural change.

This occurs when such treatments as colouring and perming are used. In order for these treatments to work, there is a change in the chemical structure of your hair. This can easily be repaired.


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Two types of damage – Two types of treatments.

Depending on what has dried your hair in the first place, your stylist will advise you on what will repair the damage.

And if your hair is suffering from both types of damage, we will mix a cocktail of treatments.

This will then bring your hair back to life giving it shine and silkiness.

Most treatments are semi-permanent. They will last until further treatment such as blow drying erode their benefit.

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